Exclusive: U.S. drug testing firm probed for alleged fraud, intimidation

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diluded0000 wrote:

I wonder if this company is lobbying for mandatory drug testing of welfare/social assistance recipients. In principle that isn’t a bad idea. But if the main justification for that kind of testing is to put money in drug testers pockets, while selling the idea to more hateful elements as principled, it should stop.

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TimoB wrote:

It sounds like this whole industry needs some serious government regulation. Even if these scum bags get convicted what will prevent them from doing something similar again?

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krimsonpage wrote:


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flashrooster wrote:

I’m certainly not an advocate for ‘the more regulations, the better’, because unnecessary regulations can burden an industry to death. But this is what you get when you go in the opposite direction, with the attitude that no regulation is a good regulation.

To deregulate an industry in order for politicians to get large campaign donations is wrong, harmful to our nation, and must be prevented. This is, and yet, another good example of why we need to get outside special interest money out of our government.

You can’t trust an industry to regulate itself. It won’t happen. If, say, Romney won the Presidential election and the Republicans won the Senate, what we’re seeing here with Millennium Laboratories would become everyday fare. And this isn’t just a partisan guess or theory. This is what we were seeing with the banking and investment industries which led to the economic collapse. It’s not the only reason, but it was a major player, and shouldn’t be allowed to reoccur.

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panamadave wrote:

When will we realize that we have a cottage industry of putting our own people into prison. Everybody are making money except the poor bastard that goes to jail. You can bet most are minorities who loose their vote when convicted.
We would make China and Russia proud of us !

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