Myanmar president says will address sectarian violence

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mohican12 wrote:

The sectarian violence in Rakhine should be dealt with based on historical facts and world geopolitical realities. The historical facts are that the present day Rakhine state within Myanmar has been a Buddhist nation since the time Buddha. To Rakhine and other Buddhists the Rakhine nation is to Saudi Arabia as it is to Muslim Arabs. Another historical fact is the continuous illegal immigration by land and sea from neighboring Bangladesh, a country with one of the worlds largest population density, least natural resources and a country that is severely impacted by climate changes; compared that to Rakhine state with very less population and rich natural resources. On the geopolitical front the Islamization in the world and in particular Bangladesh is severely aggravating the situation. Bangladesh is suffering a vicious cycle of overpopulation, loss of land and Islamic extremism. It is well known that well armed and well funded Islamic extremist/terrorist groups exists in the border areas in Bangladesh and making inroads to Myanmar. It does not appear to be a mere coincident that the sectarian violence erupted after the transition of the Government in Myanmar;possibly, Myanmar government had taken the eye off from war on terrorism to transition to democracy. While the recent call from Myanmar President Thein Sein for illegally immigrated people from Bangladesh to be settle in other possibly Muslim is correct one and should be considered by world leaders as it will alleviate the immediate problem, the actual policy for a long term solution should be developed by the people of Rakhine state. Saudi Arabia and other Islamic nations have developed laws and practices specifically to preserve their religion, culture and heritage. Therefore, should Buddhist Rakhine opt to develop laws and practices to preserve their religion and heritage, they should have the right to do so. The central government of Myanmar should provide all assistance to make this possible; otherwise what is happening in Rakhine state now will be happening in Nay Pyi Daw in the very near future.

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anan12 wrote:

It is also historical fact that Rohingya people living there for generations.In a similar way thousands of Rakhaine who came from Arakan also living in Bangladesh. If these Rakhaine are full citizen of Bangladesh then why Rohingya case is different.

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