China says does not want South China Sea overshadowing summit

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Free_Pacific wrote:

China knows that it will be a major issue. They know the situation is ‘well in hand’ as they have driven off and confiscated so much territory so far, but have the means to hold it. This is what the CCP calls ‘well in hand’.

Panatag, a shoal (almost 1,000km from mainland China) with rocks barely visible, has since had barriers placed to stop other countries fisheries using the shoals lagoon (An aljazeera news team was driven away from the area by chinese ‘customs’ vessels when they tried approaching). In other locations, like Mishcief reef, 4 story concrete bunkers have been built on the shoal. Chinese ships are well documented in harrassing local fisherman. One even grounding itself within Filipino waters in the middle of this year, while they were chasing and harrassing Filipino fisherman. It had been documented for some time doing this, by Australian surveilance, before the grounding.

China is not an honsest actor and it will use it’s puppet like ally Cambodia, to once again bring disunity at ASEAN. If the dispute was well managed by ‘all countries concerned’, then the Filipino president wouldnt be saying the opposite before the meeting. The propoganda in this article by the CCP spokesperson, is totally at odds with reality. China knows this and is hopeing it can fool a world, where it’s cencorship can not reach, through statements and false claims like this.

Interesting how it mentions peace and stability in the asia pacific, something it has never been responsible for fostering (although it fostered communist insurgencies in places like Thailand, malaysia the Philippines for decades). It is a new player beyond it’s shores with it’s own forces in the industrial era, an era when it’s neighbours have not forgoten how it ran a tributary system during other dynasties.

China, you will not be allowed to fool us in the Pacific, all nations of the Pacific are coming together in the face of these lies and with the greed, hostility and aggression the CCP has been and still displays. There is only one major country causing crisis, in a region where all others work together. That country is China and it’s deceitful government, who is using nationalism to try and maintain it’s grip, expand it’s borders and subdue those further afield with propoganda.

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Rhino1 wrote:

“This region can control and deal with crises through talks and negotiations, leading to peace and stability in the region. Only with these conditions can there be economic development.”

Oh, really, why are then Japanese cars destroyed in China, why are Japanese factories forced to close? Why are Japanese nationals hospitalized in Hongkong?

I don’t think, the Chinese government is dealing with this issue appropriately at all.

And while we are at it: Free Tibet!!!!!!!!!!!

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ShiHeZiU wrote:

I’m a chinese student from an university called ShiHeZi at XinJiang province,west-north of China,It’s first time I’v been there and I just pass my CET4,so maybe you will see so many mistakes in may sentences.I’m sorry for that,and I hope you can understand me.
I study journalism there,so I know Ruters is word’s famoustest news agency,of couse,in my mind it’s spectator is better too.But I don’t think what I saw is good.
Year,Tibet is a problem inner our state,but it’s just a small thing,can not change our way to be a better country.The Tibet just has 2m people,include Han,It’s 1/3 of Israel’population,of couse,low low economical power than Isreal.You said “Free Tibet”?Maybe replace it with “Free XinJiang” is better,but that’s a small province too.You should understand there dream can be true only when our country is overthrowed.Even so they will be dominated by more “merciless” man too,because poor but autocratic warlord.So It’s better for them and us to be united.
Thank you.

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Abulafiah wrote:

If China does not want South China Sea overshadowing this summit, then they should stop accept international and claiming that the whole area belongs to them.

If they are going to pursue an aggressive, expansionist foreign policy that annoys all their neighbours, they cannot expect everybody to keep quiet about it just because it embarrasses China.

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Pterosaur wrote:

Our country, the USA, makes a living by stirring up conflicts, selling (obsolete) weapons, and setting up obedient governments. China is really naive (and stupid) to ask us not to interfere.

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