Greeks march to mark 1973 student revolt against junta

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Doc62 wrote:

Right, blame the USA for the fiscal mess you have created. Most Greeks cheat on paying taxes. Off the books is their way of life. The youth drive Mercedes Benz’s around Athens, park where they want and DON’T even pay the fines.
Kick them out of the EU already and make them swim or sink. No more German or W.Bank bailouts. They don’t need austerity, just ignorance.
“Greek” means slave, which they will end up unless they ante up.

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EthicsIntl wrote:

It was & has been Goldman Sachs( a USA mega corporation) that illegally fixed their corrupt Greek politician partners & ” consultants” books for Greece to qualify its entry into the Euro. (as clearly reported by the N.Y. Times & Bloomberg; just Google it).
This was done in total secrecy from the Greek people and all the investors. The Greek taxpayer had nothing to do with it, besides electing the gangsters.

GS & its EU Banksters have been profiting in billions from the Greek workers.

The 1973 Greek Junta & the barbaric invasion of Cyprus by the Turks was all Henry Kissinger’s orchestration to guarantee America’s military bases in Turkey’s borders with the then USSR.

The USA is the only country constantly starting wars & conflicts in parts of the world they have no business in, while their economy is collapsing and its own people are slowly falling into a third world lifestyle.

The Greek people do not watch soap operas and are very well aware of the causes for their predicament. Americans are the most oppressed & ignorant people on earth, television being their only reality.

Keep watching your TV shows and all will be just fine. Idiots.

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EthicsIntl wrote:

Typical American couch potato comment.

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MacMan wrote:

The Greeks will march for anything, as long as it keeps them from having to do any work.

A German friend who does business there (and lives there most of the time) once quipped that if not for the Albanian migrant workers, nothing will get built in Greece in this century. Sadly, from my limited experience, it’s true.

The fact is that Greek productivity is lower than the wages they get paid. Unless the rest of the EU and the IMF continue to support them, adjustments are going to have to be made, even if the Greeks don’t like it.

If they really take stock, the Greeks will realize that the standard of living for most has increased dramatically over the last 15-20 years.

This relative prosperity brought in limited numbers of migrant workers from Asia, Africa and from the ruins of the Soviet block — the result has been racism and vicious attacks generally not seen in the rest of Europe. So, it’s hard to feel sorry for those burning the centre of Athens, while also chasing some poor Pakistani whom they blame for the ills that have befallen the country (together with the Germans and the Americans, of course, even if for different reasons).

Less marching and more working can solve Greece’s problems much quicker, but virtually nobody there wants to hear this.

Nov 18, 2012 5:11am EST  --  Report as abuse
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