Obama, in Asia, says Myanmar trip to encourage democracy

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Free_Pacific wrote:

Neurochuck Wrote: “ASEAN has a long history of advancing the economies and societies of the members, and should resist fragmentation and neo-colonialism by China, India and the USA.”

Spot on. Navigating the power shifts and competition (Between the so called ‘powers’) needs to be done carefully, while increasing institutions and co-operation amoung all asia-pacific countries. It will be an interesting and fraught century. The current pacific bully is aiding the return of another power, with it’s new found greed and nationalism. If we are careful and swift (this seems to be happening), the future is bright. Although some countries (such as the host country for the event) already seem corrupted and obstructionary.

Another note, was at one time Obama reffered to India as ‘A pacific Power’… India does not even border the Pacific. This gives weight to the proof that ‘the great game’ is being played by many.

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Why is Obama in Thailand? Yes, we must be on good terms with all countries but, we have so much to do right here in the U. S. A.
He should be in Washington D. C. doing his job. The president should be at home taking care of business not running around the world.

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bobber1956 wrote:

The socialist king that is bringing his own country to economic ruin advising other nations about democracy. Yeah, this ought to be worth a few laughs. Every body loves a puppet show.

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Laster wrote:

Heyyyyy, Who wants to assemble some iPhones for 7.23ยข/hr ?

We’ll lift some more sanctions if you play ball. Oh, and we’ll speak well of your regime’s progress toward democracy. After all, if we have to spell it out for you, democracy is essentially codespeak for minding your place in the global economy.

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Liberty56 wrote:

Yes Myanmar. You need democracy like we have here in the USA. You know the land of the free, blind and leading the lame? You need the TSA, SS, GSA, FEMA, CIA and Mr Patraeus (but hide your women and secrets) and you need both our parties in government (because they are the same) and they are easier to keep track of that way. And you need half your population on some kind of government assistance so you can brag about how great you are. Then you can spread democracy around some more.

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USAPragmatist wrote:

@bobber1956, get out of your Rovian Bubble and see reality, to quote you ‘The socialist king that is bringing his own country to economic ruin advising other nations about democracy. ‘

1. Look up the definition of socialism, and name one socialist policy Obama is advocating for, 100 bucks you wont be able to.

2. Look up the definition of monarchy, and name one ‘king’ type action Obama as done, another 100 bucks in it for you.

3. In Jan 2009 (month Obama took over) we were losing about 750K jobs a month and economy shrinking at 7-8% annual rate. Now we are gaining 100-150K jobs a month and economy growing at about 2% annual rate. So can you explain your logic behind the statement ‘bringing his own country to economic ruin’, I got a 1000 bucks for you if you can do that.

People like you need to either shut up or somehow prove the rhetoric you spout.

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in-the-money wrote:

“Obama, in Asia, says Myanmar trip to encourage democracy”
Obama is picking and choosing where he wants to “encourage democracy”. How about this place called Bahrain, where the US fleet is calling its home? That really tells you whether it’s the local people’s “freedom of choice” or the US’ “choice of freedom” that has more priority.
And it seems that the US has totally forgotten that “democracy” needs at least a stable social order to practice in the first place, just look at Iraq and Afghanistan, where daily suicide bombing is common place. Yeah, you are free to vote–only if you can make it to the polling place. Such is the joke of the US’ exported “democracy”!

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UnPartisan wrote:

I don’t understand why our President is at a summit for South East Asian nations. You will notice the US is not a ASEAN and only one of our allies is an ASEAN nation, Philippines. I guess the US is looking for a place to move their cheap labor to when we get into a trade war with China.

This is the 10 ASEAN countries:
Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Burma, Cambodia, Brunei, Laos

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bobber1956 wrote:

I always have a good laugh at you too. ‘Don’t even have read your posts-complete waist of time but good comedy.

Nov 18, 2012 4:36pm EST  --  Report as abuse
bobber1956 wrote:

I think he is looking for a place to live. Irael-that’s out, the Muslim world does not like him very much any more, Africa-he abandoned his homeland, Europe-that won’t work, Russia-he lied to them, South America-they laughed him out of town, Mexico-may be but I do not see Michelle fitting in well there, US-yeah, right, there is always Alaska (Sara loves him you know-you bet)….running out of planet and killed the Space Program. Must me Asia……look very close at the face of the guy behind the woman, he is not buying any of it.

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Pointless photo op. Nero fiddling while Rome burns.

Nov 18, 2012 7:20pm EST  --  Report as abuse

bobber1956, you wouldn’t “waist” time? Ouch!

Perhaps leave commentary to those who are educated enough to be able to make rational posts that do not simply call the President names and spew words like Socialism, which you obvious know nothing about.

Nov 19, 2012 2:19pm EST  --  Report as abuse
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