Florida's West to fight defeat in U.S. House race

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foiegras wrote:

The Fix

The fix was in – unlimited Republican money, gerrymandering the district, cutting early voting in half, voter intimidation, bogus voting fraud propaganda, seven hours in line to cast your ballot…

What’s the country coming to when a fixed fight can’t stay fixed?

Nov 18, 2012 11:04pm EST  --  Report as abuse
moonhill wrote:

When more votes are counted in a district than the toatl number of registered voters, something is amiss.

Nov 19, 2012 10:06am EST  --  Report as abuse
Mike_s1 wrote:

So where’s the financial ethics of a Tea Party conservative who wants to waste millions of taxpayer dollars on a manual vote recount? Does he really want taxpayers to eat the bill because he thinks that they miscounted over 2100 votes?

Nov 19, 2012 10:27am EST  --  Report as abuse
Texmaster wrote:

Who cares if he concedes or not?

He lost, and Murphy is the one going to be showing up for work in January.

Let West stomp around and throw tantrums all he wants.

No one is listening.

Nov 19, 2012 11:57am EST  --  Report as abuse
AlkalineState wrote:

“Allen West shows up to court in neck brace, seeks damages.”

Nov 19, 2012 12:14pm EST  --  Report as abuse
JL4 wrote:


The minute I start reading crazed language in a post, I scroll on down. Statements like,

“…either being completely on the Constitutional Individual Freedom and Liberty Conservative Right, or the complete socialist-marxist communist authoritarian tyrannical oppressive liberal Left…”

are so weighted with ignorance, you aren’t even grounded in reality, so why read your opinion? I have a family member who sounds just like you do when he’s off his meds, and he’s on the crazed liberal side. I don’t listen to him either.

Nov 19, 2012 12:27pm EST  --  Report as abuse
JL4 wrote:

Isn’t there anything we can do to stop someone like West from choking the election process? He lost fair and square. If he files a lawsuit, it should be thrown out for spurious claims, or something like that. I’m no lawyer, but this shouldn’t be legally allowed.

Nov 19, 2012 12:33pm EST  --  Report as abuse
AlkalineState wrote:

Block him? Why? People like West are doing more damage to the GOP than us Democrats could have done in 10 years of fundraising and ground work. Let him do his tea party tantrum thing. It’s great.

Nov 19, 2012 1:00pm EST  --  Report as abuse
kehenalife wrote:


Nov 19, 2012 1:06pm EST  --  Report as abuse
mammacub wrote:

Murphy was supported and funded by his father and George soros. MoveOn, Acorn, Americans for Progress. all the left wing wacko. This story was completely bias. Soros gave $1million alone. voter fraud where 148% turn out in St. Lucie. Give me a break. West deserves a fail count but the woman heading the recount is activist democrat. Get the truth out.

Nov 19, 2012 1:28pm EST  --  Report as abuse
searider wrote:

You don’t get a “do over” when running for office. West’s example of being a “poor loser” simply confirms that he has no place in public office. This is probably the best job he’s ever had and he blew it with his ego and hubris.
He will now be consigned to the wastebasket of history as one of the worst and most embarassing congresspeople from the state of Floridea.

Nov 19, 2012 1:46pm EST  --  Report as abuse
USAPragmatist wrote:

Another example of the right not respecting our democratic process, you lost get over it. Just like they did with Clinton, if you cant find a way to beat them, then try to impeach over some trumped up charge. And they are already laying the groundwork for this with Obama. And for all those that claim this false equivalency between the parties, please name when the Democrats have done this to elected officials.

I do not like the Democrats, but we have to get rid of the Republicans before we can get anything done. Then we can deal with the Democrats and their issues.

Nov 19, 2012 2:48pm EST  --  Report as abuse
uc8tcme wrote:

I don’t know why he beleives that he lost, he did not realize that the majority of his district is not that far right wing, and the things he was say made him sound crazy from day one. The roosters has come home to roost. Good luck in your future employment.

Nov 19, 2012 3:30pm EST  --  Report as abuse
DrWhoWho wrote:

Poor West. First he was passed over for full colonel because he was an angry hothead. Now his political career is crashing down around him. Sorry, but you ain’t gonna be the GOP Obama.

Nov 19, 2012 4:41pm EST  --  Report as abuse
xyz2055 wrote:

RReaganRepublic…one of the most bizarre posts I’ve even seen. Exactly what point was it that you were trying to make?

Nov 19, 2012 5:54pm EST  --  Report as abuse
AlkalineState wrote:

The people have spoken. The GOP is broken. No one wants what the tea party is smokin’.

Nov 19, 2012 6:25pm EST  --  Report as abuse
Onerioi wrote:

What happened with the Cocktail Party?

Nov 19, 2012 7:50pm EST  --  Report as abuse
crod526 wrote:

This clown couldn’t care less about those in his district is all about himself. Take your crazy act somewhereelse, I’m sure the crazy right wing radio nuts can ind you a spot.
Good riddance

Nov 19, 2012 8:16pm EST  --  Report as abuse
crod526 wrote:

Stop believing the lies spouted by crazy talk shows. Do a simple research and you will find out that its not true that there were more voters than registered voters.

Go into the Florida election site and you can find the number of registered voters and the number that voted.

Nov 19, 2012 8:27pm EST  --  Report as abuse
crod526 wrote:

Here are the numbers
Total registered voters in district 476.371, votes cast 330,610
St Lucie county registered voters 175,551 votes cast just over 118,000

Now some of you maybe need to go back to school and check your math skills but 118000 divided by 175551 does not come out to be over 100%

Nov 19, 2012 8:37pm EST  --  Report as abuse
haydenlh wrote:

You lost, and the United States of America is better for it.

Nov 20, 2012 7:38am EST  --  Report as abuse
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