Anti-tax man Norquist defiant at "fiscal cliff" edge

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flashrooster wrote:

Well, this will clearly tell us if the Republican party represents the American people or if they represent Grover Norquist, because it’s clear that a majority of the American people believe that taxes on the wealthy should go up.

America arguably had its greatest period during a time when the wealthiest Americans paid 90% in taxes on their income. Obama’s not asking for anything remotely close to that. He just wants to raise taxes to where they were under Clinton, 39.6%. It’s very reasonable and still extremely low by historical standards. Congress needs to do what the people believe is the right thing to do, and not what Grover Norquist wants to do. After all, he’s fighting to keep his own taxes down and he doesn’t care about the rest of us.

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AlkalineState wrote:

Grover’s a moron. The Simpson-Bowles recommended tax hikes and spending cuts are already written. They’re set to take effect in January if the two sides in Congress don’t agree. And given their history, what outcome would you bet on?

Grover is what, hopeful his pledge-signers will suddenly become agreeable folks and stop the pissing match? After reading his letter which eggs on the pissing match? What?

Good thing is, we don’t need the Norquist morons to make this happen. If they fail to act….. the tax hikes and spending cuts happen automatically. Which is good for the Country.

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Grover Norquist should be charged with conspiracy to control government by making Republicans sign a statement to keep congress from taxing the richer people at the same RATE as middle class. Through intimidation of the Republican members, he forced them to sign a statement of intent that is not the policy of the party or the congress. In other words, he is conspiring to control the government. Who was elected? Not Norquist. But he is making the government do what he wants, not what the voting public wants. Who in the country can accept this?

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Onerioi wrote:

I keep reading and hearing this “Congress would withstand pressure to raise taxes” from CNN, and all other corporate-owned media outlets. The GOP controlled House is NOT simply refusing to raise taxes. They are refusing to move the tax rates back in the direction of where they were post WWII,and in the early 1950′s. Back when if you earned more than a million bucks, you paid more on the million and first buck than your first million, more on your hundred-thousand-and-first buck than on your first-hundred thousand, etc. It’s called a progressive scale. Congress IS refusing to raise taxes the super-rich. They could care less about the rest of us. We don’t buy them an election, or give them perks. Congress will continue to take from us and give to the billionaires, the supposed “job-creators” who have only moved our jobs overseas over the past 30 years. Vote them ALL out in 2014. Vote Tea-Party, Independent, Green, anything but the RepubloCrats or the DemoPubs that are bought and paid for by your nearest CEO.

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