GE to buy 2,000 Ford plug-in hybrid vehicles

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Numb3rTech wrote:

Sounds like a better investment than the GM Volt. I rarely drive over 15 miles round trip to anywhere, except for vacation. One of the Ford Hybrids sounds like an ideal vehicle for me. On vacation, however, I would prefer to use my 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland. It has all of the creature comforts I desire and gets decent mileage for a heavy 4wd vehicle.

The Ford Hybrid would get me all over town to the grocery store and doctors or wherever. I do not drive 1,000 miles/year and only travel on vacation about once every 5 years. I currently only have to fill up my Jeep about once every other month. Guess I don’t have much of a life away from home, but that is okay.

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Majick1 wrote:

Nice article about GE and Ford’s venture, and the GM sign in the picture:
1 shows Reuters is a GM or nothing company
2 Reuters is run by morons

When the biggest company in the US commits to going electric for a large part of its fleet it can only mean a giant leap forward for the fast construction of charging station infrastructure. I hope they work along with Tesla who has promised a large push on charging infrastructure this year.
The biggest detriment to EV technology was the car industry rejecting the Switch proposal where they standardize their battery configuration and buy batteries from Switch. Consumers would only have to pay a small fee to swap a fully charged battery to extend a long trip. The specifications were designed to produce a swap in about the same time as filling up your gas tank.
There is a lot of good ideas out there, the problem is getting manufacturers to adopt them

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Majick1 wrote:

Good job Reuters, much better article with the correct pictures. Nice to know someone reads comments and actually acts on it

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