Syrian jets blast rebels in Damascus suburb

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@ with a Patriot missile system to defend against Syrian cross-border shelling.

no comments for reuters BS

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The patriot missiles can NOT… and I mean absoutely NOT defend against mortars and artillary. They are not designed for this, full stop.

What they ARE designed for is an anti-aircraft weapon, ahhh bet you didn’t know that!

That’s because reuters won’t tell you!!

It is a VERY well known fact that the patriot missiles can be use both to shoot down missiles and planes, but reuters has not published this extremily relevant fact even once!

I love the title: “Syrian warplanes bomb a damascus suburb…”

You see how much better it demonizes than: “Israeli jets strike strategic Hamas targets in Gaza”??

You need to hire someone who has at least a basic understanding of military operations reuters…

Fighter jets do not ‘bomb suburbs’, the fire at targets. And a patriot missile system is as much an offensive system as a defensive system.

It is an attempt to attack Syrian fighters INSIDE SYRIAN AIRSPACE!!! To defend the Islamist coup fighters and terrorists pouring over Turkeys border.

A coup that the majority of Turks oppose!

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