Syria rebels capture army base in eastern oil region

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“The Mayadeen military base fell at 8.30 a.m. (0630 GMT),” Abu Laila, an official in the Military Revolutionary Council in the province, told Reuters. He said 44 rebel fighters had been killed in the operation to capture the base.

An official only in your propaganda reuters… there is absolutely nothing official about this foreign funded Islamist insurgent.

The fact that you are calling him an official just shows how utterly desperate you are to legitimize these terrorists and Islamists.

On the story, there have been two stories like this in the last week, and both proved to be cut and paste versions of months old Islamist propaganda stories… I’m sure this one will too =)

The first was the capture of an “airport” as reuters callecd it… which was reportedly captured by Islamist terrorists back in July as well… this “airport” did not have a runway capable of landing a plane on!

The second story was about a massive army base captured near Allepo, this story was used to mask the war criminal abduction of about 240 civillians by the Islamist forces that happened the same day. Not only did this base not exist in the form described, but had also been falsely captured by Islamist insurgents some months earlier.

We need to remember, reuters doesn’t have an reporters inside Syria. So all their news is cut and pasted from Islamist websites.

And we’ve all seen the quality of those fanatics work…

Reuters are you paying these Islamist insurgents for your stories?

If so, can you guarantee that this money is not being used to procure bomb making materials and other weapons that will then target Syrians?

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