Syria launches air strikes as combat rages in Damascus

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matthewslyman wrote:

@Captain47: Because of people like you…

Nov 27, 2012 6:31pm EST  --  Report as abuse
matthewslyman wrote:

…I can’t understand how any sane person would use air power against their own people or heavy artillery against their own cities, especially when this rebel movement started merely as a peaceful political protest. Assad might talk more convincingly than Gaddafi, and with slightly more conciliatory words; but his actions are the same, are they not? Is he so far detached from the suffering he is causing by refusing to allow Syria to peacefully open a new political chapter in its history? Is he surrounded by so many sycophants that he cannot see what is coming, or does he actually want to take as many other people down with him as possible? We’re probably past time for him to be negotiating his exit. This is painful to watch.

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puzzled wrote:

@matthewslyman – FYI Assad is making Ghadafi look like a saint. This trash pot is a loathesome murderer, just like his father and the rest of this bloody Baath party – the best thing that could happen is that the enitre country along with Iran and Hezballah is wiped off the face of the earth. Then you could begin taking about world peace. With these maggots still freely killing innocents, there is no chance for any stability.

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