Syria rebels bombed as opposition open to peacekeepers

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susette wrote:

I believe the country has two sides of terrorist supported members: The government is its own brand of terrorism; the rebels are supported by factions of Iran who are supporting terror groups around the world. There will be no way for intercession to be effective, so please don’t send our sons and daughters there.

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MetalHead8 wrote:

@susette, you clearly haven’t been following the events in syria, let me fill you in.

Syria’s Assad, his family has been tyrants to the country for 41 years since his family seized control. Iran Supports Syria because Iran is running out of allies, and with a possible war coming up, Iran wants to ensure there regional ally is heathy and strong. Both Iran and Syria are known for human rights abuse, Torture, Rape, Shooting peaceful protestors, detaining large amounts of people, Propaganda campgains, etc.

The Rebels Forces consist of FSA (Free Syrian army) and Islamic Allies. The FSA in the beggining was saddly not getting any internation support so when Islamic, Militant, and Terrorist Groups (not allied with IRan) came to help, the FSA had no choice but to side with them against there common enemy, Bashar Assad. Everytime a car bomb goes in a pro-assad area, it usally a sure thing the terrorist amogst the islamic allies are responable. Another note is FSA are very weary of Islamic Allies, expessially the more fanatical ones, They don’t want there revolution to be hi-jacked so some left wing terrorist group can re-create syria in there own messed up image, and often do not fight alongside each other

Assad’s loyalist seem to be familair with this tactic cuz they plant car bombs in anti-assad areas. So both use car bombs, a favored terrorist tactic.

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MetalHead8 wrote:

@Susette, oh and btw your going to hear different versions on the syrian conflict. Don’t believe them, and don’t believe me, do your own reseach and decide for your self.

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gregbrew56 wrote:

MetalHead8 wrote “…btw your going to hear different versions on the syrian conflict. Don’t believe them, and don’t believe me, do your own reseach and decide for your self”

A good message for EVERYBODY on these comment boards.

Well put MH8!

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THeRmoNukE wrote:

International peacekeepers? The whole point of this article is to drop a line to Tehran.

I think Syria will be getting worse now, the pressure is on.

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farrakhan. wrote:

The sole legitimate government in Syria is the government of Al Assad. How dare any outside forces fromany country, just because they have superior militaryt, can impose on a soverign country a way of life and a political system that will pay lip service to the poor and crushes them. Those so called rebels in Syria are terrorrist indeed. I pray that Assad will be victorious against any imperialist agenda against his nation. He was chosen by the people and he will continue to lead the people whether who like it. You can hate me for saying this, but i am more sympathetic to small nations who are getting bullied by bigger nations because they are aligned to the resistance movement of imperialism, capitalism, and zionism. Al-Gumhuriyah Al- Arabiyah Al-Muttahidah FOREVER!!!

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