Syrian forces pound Damascus suburbs, flights to resume

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This really means they bomb any house where a person is seen nearby. Thank you so much Russia and China. In the end you still lose, but you were successful getting thousands of civilians killed by your arrogance. Last chance offer!! Give Assad asylum now and you can have some say in the new Syrian government.

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Slammy wrote:

Flights stopping for at least two days in the capital due to insurgent activity might concern some leaders. But not in Syria; situation normal.

Go Insurgents!

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paintcan wrote: -

You mean it would be better and less arrogant if the US were able to bomb any house where they see someone move? Did you happen to see that wikileaks video of junior in his chopper in Iraq? He was so eager to get approval to “get em” he shot a photographer, some men with rifles and a minivan with kids inside. The men with rifles were probably a neighborhood patrol. One guy around a corner had what looked like a mortar. They got him after they made sure the photographer wasn’t twitching anymore and the kids were cooked.

How arrogant and stupid of them not to let you save them from themselves. The Iraqis were smart enough not to accept your phony charges for services rendered. And the Kuwaitis got more money for the damage Saddam did them. Actually the US should be billing them.

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paintcan wrote:

“State television on Sunday said the army was “eliminating al Qaeda terrorists”.

They are a very versatile outfit. All sorts of people are getting mileage out of them. But I believe it. AQ seems to like a fight and another fight and another fight … till doomsday. They are practically “super villains” to our “super hero”.

Other than the boy and old man, “activists” don’t seem to explain who the other bodies might have been.

There is such a thing as too much “cure”, you know? Too much medicine can turn toxic: especially those that start as poisons. I tend to think the West and the ME are overdosing now. The west is trying to kick its habit. But it still has “longings”.

China once believed in walloping doses of grass roots “holistic” medicine and they are so much calmer now and very focused. But they are getting obsessive about some little islands.

I can’t wait to hear the kinds of super villains and super heroes they start to invent as something to liven a dull decade. You are just no one if you haven’t got an international threat of your own. They work well as direction pointers for your ambitions. They are red capes for very eager bulls.

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