NATO warns Syria not to use chemical weapons

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Slammy wrote:

For those concerned about terrorist remaining in Syria if Mr. Al Assad, aka The Cowardly lion, is disposed, do not worry! According to the official Syrian news network there are only a few terrorists inside the country operating in isolated locations. Further, according to Sana, most of these “terrorists” have been cleansed over the past several months. What are people worried about again?

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sidevalve56 wrote:

If syria meddled in other country’s business like they are meddling in syria’s business there would be all kinds of blowback…even if you don’t agree with another country’s internal affairs, it still doesn’t make it right to encroach on their soverneignty. What started as a relatively small rebellion, has, with outside aid, bloomed into full civil war…giving rebels arms and military aid has been at the cost of lives. Assad definitely isn’t on the list for any nobel peace prizes but the rebels trying to overthrow the government aren’t either…they are terrorists.

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Slammy wrote:

“If syria meddled in other country’s business like they are meddling in syria’s business there would be all kinds of blowback”

In a perfect world, sure. But if not for the French meddling in English affairs the United States probably never would have gained its independence, or it would have taken a lot longer without their navy. If the allies would have meddled in Nazi Germany sooner there might have been fewer people killed in world war 2.
However, in this case, besides the few jihadist, the world really has not done much. Sure Saudi Arabia, Qatar and a few other Arab countries have given arms but these countries share tribes and deep family connections. While the regime blames the United States for everything, the insurgents blame the US for not providing enough help.
This started off as a popular uprising because the government tortures and kills its own people. Neutrality for the sake of neutrality always aids the bully and tyrant, so I am glad to see these few isolated bands of insurgents are able to make a difference against an army with over 160,000 regular force and a million reserves. Makes one wonder how the insurgents have lasted as long as they have.
Question, are the defections from the army and other high ranking officials meddling? Are they meddling in their own country and is that wrong? Is wrong to help those who working toward a better government?

Go Insurgents!

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JackVigdor wrote:

Sidevalve: Perhaps you have forgotten that Syria HAS meddled in the politics of another country. Syria had previously invaded Lebanon, installed politicians favorable to Syria and then later assassinated Lebanese government officials.

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ChangeWhat wrote:

If we have “intelligence” Syria is moving chemical agents and mixing them to produce sarin gas, vx nerve gas, or mustard gas then why are we waiting to do something? Bombers should be in the air right now to takeout their chemical weapons sites. Why do we always need to wait for the inevitable instead of preemptively doing whatever needs to be done to stop it in its tracks? Where is obama’s spine? I’m not saying have a full blown war with Syria, just hit them hard and fast with aerial bombardment to eliminate the possibility. All this hard talk about Iran and their nuclear plans, meanwhile year two of a massacre is beginning in Syria and we sit by and watch?

Russia should be the first to send a bomber to show Syria that Russia is in fact against the use of chemical warfare.

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carlloeber wrote:

Cowardice is the hallmark of President Obama’s policy in Syria .. let the people bleed and die every day for 639 days .. despicable Western cowards who will not even give weapons to the people trying to defend themselves from Hitler .. I have been to Aleppo .. I never met a kinder people ..

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queequeg wrote:

Two words: Yellow Cake.

WMD anyone? Colin Powell? Ring a bell? Or is the Western public opinion a brain-dead vegetable?

Alas for the Syrians, the latter is true!

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gregbrew56 wrote:

All that’s missing is the invasion “to prevent further bloodshed”.

Yet another domino teetering on the verge of falling over.

This is not a game of Risk. People are losing their lives.

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Nato suddenly talks about Syrian chemical weapons to deflect attention away from and avoid tough action against Israel for its newly announced decision to steal more Palestinian homelands for Jewish settlements. Chemical weapons sabre rattling means not having to condemn Israel and take actions against the Jewish state for its continued ethnic cleansing activities.
Meanwhile, Nato and American mouthpiece Tony Blair, the former UK prime minister, just told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that current Middle East strife is nothing more “than the birth pains of democracy.” He intentionally ignores that the USA and the UK especially, and other European nations like France, have a sorry history of toppling freely elected democratic governments in Iran, Iraq, Syria, and elsewhere around the post-colonial world, and setting up dictators who are now either falling or have fallen. People like Blair and Hillary Clinton are/represent buzzards that chose to repeat the mass murders their nations participated in across the oil-rich region.
What will they do when the Saudi and Qatari royal families fall to the freedom seeking masses who want democracy but not as imposed by America and Nato? — another Western initiated mass slaughter of innocents wanting freedom? Probably.

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KaosHiker wrote:

I wonder if those Chemical weapons have a label that says.
Made In Iraq.
We know Syria recieved a .. Donation ? of fighter jets From Saddam Hussein. We know Iraq had chem weapons. They used them on their own people. See .. The Kurds.
I always wondedered what happened to them.
I am just sayin.

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“..CIA has estimated that Syria possesses several hundred liters of chemical weapons and produces hundreds of tonnes of agents annually.”

Well if they produced hundreds of tonnes of agents anually you would think they would have more than “several hundred litres” in their posession wouldn’t you??

Ridiculous, just more propaganda meant to justify the terrorist coup created by the west to destroy Syria.

Don’t worry reuters, the terrorist ‘Slammy’ is on your side!

It’s also worth mentioning that the US has vast reserves of chemical and biological weapons. In fact they even created the worlds most deadly toxin by far – VX gas.

Thanks America!

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musicmouse wrote:

Organizing and supplying insurgents is an act of war against which Syria would be fully justified to retaliate – although it wisely doesn’t. By sending Patriot missiles to Turkey NATO is supporting that aggression.

It looks like the T of NATO no longer stands for trust but for terror.

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