Syrian rebels take control of Damascus Palestinian camp

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“The opposition cannot decisively settle the battle and what the security forces and army units are doing will not achieve a decisive settlement,”

One sentence of truth and an entire story of propaganda built around it…

How you get ‘Syrian vice president says neither side can win war’ as your headline from this statement is beyond ridiculous.

You are nothing but a global dictators mouthpiece reuters.

A billionaire baron owned, terrorist supporting, US propaganda factory.

A serious warning to the readers:

Reuters not only provides material and media support for some of the most vicious mass murdering fanatics the modern world has ever seen, it may be prosecuted for providing financial aid to war criminals and international terrorists in the near future.

Right now we know that the reuters billionaires have loaned out their news service to fanatical Islamists who may use reuters as their own global fanatical jihad platform.

What we don’t yet know is the financial connection between reuters and these mass murdering Islamist contras.

I have asked reuters repeatedly if they are supplying their allies in Syria with cash for ‘stories’ and have not recieved a response.

Reuters is fully aware of the horrendous actions of their contacts and their affiliates, so if they were to be financing these groups they would easily be liable for providing material support to terrorists and a whole host of other crimes prosecutable under international law.

You have the legal responsibility first:

To tell the public if you are financing these groups.

And second, to make sure that you have absolutely definitive guarantees and proof that the money you are giving these groups is not being used to target and murder civillians or commit any other crimes against humanity.

We will be watching very closely reuters.

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Reuters1945 wrote:

“Syrian VP says neither side can win war: newspaper”
Indeed, like so many other similar situations around the world where opposite sides are competing for a country’s control, what we have here is a war of total attrition.

Regardless of which side is the last group standing, it will still be a “lose/lose” situation for everyone as everything of value in the nation is reduced to smoking cinders and rubble and mountains of corpses, many of which will be that of innocent women and children.

The more than one million civilian casualties that resulted in the invasion of Iraq is a mind boggling commentary on the rotten fruits of war. And similarly, for a Mother in Syria who must bury her children before they ever had a chance to grow to adulthood, does it matter if the final number is a thousand dead or a million dead.

Advanced forms of “intelligent life” that observe our planet Earth from some distant galaxy, millions of light years away, must be perpetually amazed at how after thousands of years we have only advanced to the point where we have developed more and more lethal ways of killing each other.

At the end of the insane debacle in Syria, as each side lays waste to the territory of the other side, we will at the end witness a vast wasteland ruled by the Iron Fist of of either a secular Military dictatorship or a Religious dictatorship where all life is controlled by the doctrines of Sharia Law. Read a copy of the complete Qur’an to understood just what that type of existence entails.

The outcome will not be a happy choice, regardless of how this epic tragedy ends. It is enough to make the Angels bow their heads and weep- that is if there are still any Angels left in Heaven to do so.

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1QooGuy wrote:

There was real news hidden in the interview. Sharaa did what Zhao Ziyang did in his last interview before being pushed from power. He told the world who was really in charge of the Tiananmen Square massacre. Not the 9 person Politburo of the Chinese Communist Party but one old man. Here we have the vice president telling Reuters it is Assad who “desires to end the conflict militarily.” Sharaa is wrong that the rebels can not win. They are winning and they don’t want to negotiate. The time to negotiate was before the army killed unarmed protesters. Don’t forget the only armed opposition at first were defectors from the army. Now that the West has found groups they can accept and got to form a coalition that has international recognition, needed anti-tank weapons are getting in. The western alliance will not given out anti-air missiles again to groups that harbor Islamist tendencies, but it is already too late to Assad. Sharaa will either lose his job (or life) soon or will be tasked to represent the regime in talks with the opposition. There is no one else more acceptable.

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amos033 wrote:

Reuter’s is the best source of news period. They are truly fair and balanced. To those who slam Reuters: go back to the New York Times and HuffPost. Keep up the good work Reuters, I would change nothing and a Merry Christmas to Reuters!

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Fromkin wrote:

The terrorists/Djihadists are just alibi for the West to intervene in Syria. They are not there to win a war. They will not defeat the SAA. They were sent there to commit atrocities, bombings, destructions, hit and run attacks, etc…

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Eideard wrote:

The only people who ever say a war can’t be won – are guaranteed losers.

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Vison8 wrote:

It is about time the western media stop calling these jihadi hooligans “rebels”, and instead label them “terrorists”, who they really are. Do the times of Hosni Mubarak, Gadaffi sound nice and peaceful, now?

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