Syria envoy calls for political change to end conflict

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Fromkin wrote:

I expected this latest development. Negotiation is(and has been) the only option. The West is seeking a way out by using Brahimi and Russia. ASL and CNS are dead. The West can’t win with djihadists no matter what Reuters tells us about “rebels’gains.”

This is the formula imposed on Ivory coast, other african countries and most notably Zimbabwe. It’s up to Assad to choose whether he wants to be Gbagbo or Robert Mugabe.
For those who do not know Gbagbo has ended up in ICC and Mugabe is seeking reelection at age 89. Mugabe played hardball, gbagbo played nice.

Syria has a constitution. It must be followed. A soft coup through the UN must not be tolerated. This is how “they” operate. When they can’t defeat you in a frontal attack, they try to do it through the UN. Now they are talking about handcuffing the Syrian government and giving power to that “thing” created by Hillary….

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