Syrian government forces go on attack on first day of year

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matthewslyman wrote:

What can/should we do to help stop the killing, or alleviate the suffering, or, to shorten this war and bring a satisfactory outcome for all? Can we do anything at all in Syria? It’s painful to learn about this brutality.
Can’t Assad see that he is turning his own people against him by sending his men in uniform to bomb bread queues, shoot at protests and kidnap people from hospitals? Doesn’t this ostensibly religious man believe in the justice of God? OR, can’t the rebels see how they’re winning the battle but risking losing the war by failing to address the economic needs of the Syrian people?
Can’t we all pay some more attention to the needs of the people?

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kommy wrote:

Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a British-based monitoring group- a bakery-coffee shop run by illiterate nobody.

Good source of information, or by the way, did he mentioned that those 160 killed were terrorists?

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westernshame wrote:

what can we do to stop the killing and suffering?

i had hoped that with all the western powers ( and media ) finally having to acknowledge that the Syrian uprising is actually being lead by Islamic extremest ( including Al Qaeda ) would have slowed or stopped the flow of this kind of propaganda.

that sadly appears not to be the case, the drums of war continue to beat.

if you truly want to help stop the killing and suffering of the Syrian people, start protesting , tell your government that you don’t support state-sponsored terrorism and that you don’t want the Syrian peoples blood on your hands.

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Fantasywriter wrote:

It’s sad to say, but to stop the spread of islamic extremism we must hope that the Syrian government wins. If anyone is contributing to the killing it is us and those countries in Europe providing arms and support for the extremists. Really a sad Sophie’s Choice because we lose either way.

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kafantaris wrote:

The Iranian regime is having a hard time seeing a world without Assad. The Syrian people themselves are having no such difficulty, and their view is becoming clearer and clearer every day with each bomb that falls.
Iran, therefore, should take a lesson from Syria as the drama unfolding there is but a preview of what is coming to Iran.
Nor will the regime’s usual scapegoating of Israel save the day, for the Information Age has made this handy technique obsolete. Moreover, the internet is now impervious to full censorship.
When the Iranian people have had enough and turn against the regime, the regime will turn on them, just like Assad has — preferring to destroy the country rather than yield power. Such is the way of tyrants, even the theocratic ones.
And when their end comes, few of us will shed any tears — as few of us are saving any tears for Assad now.

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