U.N. lifts Syria death toll to "truly shocking" 60,000

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kenradke11 wrote:

The rebels say they will not negotiate unless Assad, “who has vowed to fight to the death”

Folks Assad is already dead in the water anyway so fighting to the death is dead as well. He is a loser and his Government has already been defeated! Russia, China and Iran all have blood on their hands in this whole arena of Assad’s terrorism on his own people and they will pay the price!

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americanguy wrote:

“At least 132,000 civilians have died from 10 years of war in Iraq”
Just wanted to point that out to those in the UN and media with Alzheimers.
The US is the bigger killer of civilians, not Assad.

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AlkalineState wrote:

500,000 died in the U.S. civil war in the 1860′s. Change hurts, but it is sometimes necessary. I don’t really trust these Islamist rebels any more than I trust the Stalinist Assad. There will be no peace in Syria until the crazy muslims quit killing each other. And what are the odds, honestly?

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pyanitsa wrote:

750,000 soldiers died in the American civil war

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Slammy wrote:

First, prayers to the people of Syria. Second, the article says at the start that an air strike caused the gas station to explode and then later that rockets were fired from a nearby base. Any idea if it was both?

This is very sad war which is compounded by the fact it could have so easily been avoided. Hosni Mubarak said, like the Cowardly Lion Assad, that if he left office Egypt would descend into civil war and fighting. Although Egypt is still going through growing pains and likely will for years, as many new democracies do, Egypt’s violence is nothing compared to Syria’s. If Assad would have stepped down a year and half ago much of the fighting could have likely been avoided. Now, even if he quit today, not only will Syria likely to continue to have bloody fights but there is now a very long list of people with blood grudges against Mr. Assad and his family. He, his wife and children will have to watch their backs for the rest of their lives of the lone gun man or suicide bomber wanting to take revenge for the deaths of their family. All of which could have been avoided. He is an idiot for letting things reach this point and incompetent for not being able to suppress a small grass roots uprising with a national army.

Go Insurgents!

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totherepublic wrote:

Assad-one shot one kill-game over. Don’t want to do that? It is all on you.

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leveriza wrote:

So how many died before the West started this uprising to please Israel?

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WJL wrote:

It is now after Christmas. Back to the killing and sponsorship of terrorism by USA, UK and France.

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amdo wrote:

Day is not very far when we hear news of 100000 death in Syria, just merely shocking words not enough to stop the death toll. Today is 60000 and world is not doing anything to stop the bloodshed

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