Syria denounces peace envoy who hinted Assad must go

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rubbadubdub wrote:

Syrians are a long way from “pure as the snow” these days..

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Slammy wrote:

Any suggestion other than keeping the Cowardly Lion in power must be a western plot, right? No one would ever reach this idea independently is what the Syrian media is reporting. So… maybe Mr. Al Assad, aka Cowardly lion, should ask Asma or one of his remaining brothers to be the mediator so he knows his position will be secure in negotiations.

Also, it is probably a good thing for the insurgents that the Cowardly Lion is shortsighted enough not to withdraw some of his most loyal crack troops from the surrounded military bases. If he pulled these troops out and stationed them in Damascus they might actually help him defend the capital. The best thing the regime can do for the rebels is not change their plans and keep the status quo. Otherwise this war might last even longer.

Prayers to the people of Syrian, go Insurgents and Roll Tide Roll!

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Fromkin wrote:

“Neither side has gained a clear military advantage in the war pitting mostly Sunni Muslim rebels against security forces dominated by Assad’s minority, Shi’ite-linked Alawite sect.”

This is a lie. Why Reuters’biased reporters feel the need to repeat this lie over and over and over again?

The Syrian government is fighting against the US and its NATO and Gulf state allies who want to overthrow the Syrian government using mass deception and foreign mercenaries.

But on my score card Syria has home court advantage against its ennemies and is leading.

The territory Reuters is boasting the rebels control is as it says “a few kilometers from Turkey”. That’s all. The rest is “soap bubble” as the Syrian president would say.

The militants/insurgents aka rebels control nothing but impose lawlessness in some parts of Syria hiding among the population where the army can not strike them. Just like their masters ordered them to do.

The daily hit and run on the syrian military bases by insurgents is same as afghan militants attacking Nato bases in Afghanistan. They can attack them but they can not seize them.

As far as Brahimi, enough to say that his son is married to a Jordanian princess. Jordanian puppet King takes orders from the US and Israel.

And it’s coward behavior for Syria’s ennemies to hide behind the word “rebels” even after their masks have fallen showing patriot missiles, sting missiles, turkish offering safe heaven to terrorists, Qatari and Saudi ill gotten petro dollars, etc….

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MikeyLikesIt wrote:

I like reading the comments of Syria stories because you get to see Slammy and Fomkin hit the extreme ends of both sides of this issue.

Clearly this is a serious issue that needs to be resolved, unfortunately both factions appear to be less than favorable to restor order to the region. You have a dictator that has held an iron grip on the country for decades on one side and a disorganized “insurgency” with links to al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood on the other side.

And the innocent civilians are stuck squarely in the middle as always…

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BraveNewWrld wrote:

Reuters reports:
… insurgents are trying to capture to extend their grip on Idlib province and weaken Assad’s control of the skies.

Rebels assaulted the airport’s main buildings and armory using heavy guns, tanks and other weapons and appeared to have overrun half the area of the base, said Rami Abdelrahman, director of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, …
Insurgents have tried to take the base for months, but have been bolstered by the recent arrival of Islamist fighters including the al Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front, he added.

OK, so it is officially acknowledged now, at least by Reuters, that Syrian Arab Army is fighting with the Al-Qaeda-linked terrorists. I wonder how our State Department and their brilliant colleagues lead by the incomparable Mr. Hague made their choice which side to support.
Perhaps, they should give it another thought? Are the people they represent comfortable supporting that side?

Just today Fox News have (perhaps inadvertently) acknowledged that Bengazi has been a breeding ground for the Al-Qaeda terrorists for many years. Hmmm… The last time I heard this, it was Muammar Gaddafi who said it. When he sent his army to engage these militants. But, of course, as we know, brave NATO lead by freedom-loving France, UK and US, deployed pro-democracy bombings to save those poor Bengazians. Now they are thanking their saviors. In a proper Al-Qaeda way.
We could only pray that God protects us with the kind of Hagueian-Clintonian political leadership we have…

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