Illinois may grant driver's licenses to illegal immigrants

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joelwisch2 wrote:

Since 2010, a handful of Republican-led states, notably border state Arizona, passed laws cracking down on illegal immigrants. But after this year’s election, which saw an estimated 66 percent of Hispanics vote for Obama
With the old ways, you went through Immigration and got your identification and, everyone knew you were legal. This way, you walk in with some sort of document which may well be forged, and you get your Illinois Drivers License. In States such as California where they have made efforts to provide State I.D.s which allow driving, the result according to those who looked was… they did not get insurance. They are at the lowest end of the wages totem pole and they cannot afford it.

So long as those folks with the forged I.D.s do not have to go through Immigration to enter this country, they can drop that fake I.D. and go where they might want. The purpose of the I.D. works against the safety of the American People. The purpose of the I.D.s is to maintain low wages and as some suggest, maintain the legal slave labor of the illegal aliens. It is morally wrong to allow either circumstance if you are a representative of the people in an elective office.

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AZWarrior wrote:

Well, Illinois drivers licenses can not now be used to board aircraft now per the TSA. Well done idiots. Also, now Arizona will not recognize Illinois driver’s licenses as proof of citizenship.

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FatherJames wrote:

…I am all for *legal* immigrants. But what of all of those people who obey our laws and wait in line for their turn to come here legally? Are they just suckers?
…If employers need labor from across the border… have them issued proper documents to work, pay taxes, and drive during their permitted stay.
…But politicians have gummed this up. Masses of illegal immigrants were “amnestied…” Then *their* relatives came in the back door… Now some cities (said to include Chicago and San Francisco) into letting undocumented aliens vote in local elections.
…We no longer control our borders… and proposals from the Left are feeble and from the Right insanely draconian.
…Meanwhile, those immigrants who abide by our laws and wait their turn have no political clout…

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victor672 wrote:

The United States, after over 200 years, has now been permanently ruined by Democrats, unions, illegal aliens, corrupt politicians, the selfish and ignorant Millennial generation, racist blacks, homosexual interests, the entertainment industry, the shameless and blatantly-biased mainstream media, public schools which are leftist brainwashing factories, and endless other selfish factions who only care about “ME!”. RIP America.

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seanisonbass wrote:

“The licenses are “visually distinct” from ordinary licenses, with a purple background and the words “not valid for identification” on the front.” Let me get this straight… A State Issued card for driving identification that says it’s not valid for identification? I think stupidity in Illinois is hitting an all-time high.

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mstamper wrote:

“When you have a quarter of a million undocumented drivers on the road, it’s definitely a safety concern”

Wouldn’t it be better to simply deport illegal aliens? Doesn’t the word “illegal” mean that they are committing a crime by being here? Aren’t we sanctioning their criminality by granting them drivers licenses?

Is the US a country, or is it a concept? Countries have secure borders. Countries have procedures in place to regulate immigration. Those who don’t follow the law mock those who do. How can we spend trillions forcing Afghanistan and Iraq to adopt “democracy” when we can’t even secure our own borders? Pathetic!

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juliol wrote:

I had a drive licence from illinois when I was an illegal alien in 2001.

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