In HP-Autonomy debacle, many advisers but little good advice

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Ideapete wrote:

” The problem right here “As for HP’s own accountability, Whitman said that the two people who were responsible for the Autonomy deal – former CEO Leo Apotheker and former chief strategy officer Shane Robison – were gone from the company. She added that one of the issues during the Autonomy deal was that the due diligence department reported up to the chief strategy officer at HP, which was Robison at the time, not to the chief financial officer – something that she rectified as soon as she took over as CEO. ( Actually it should be the Quality Assurance head reporting to the CEO and Board INDEPENDENTLY ) We recently did a presentation on an HP campus and the small team there would have found the Autonomy fluff in 30 minutes its here

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Alex77 wrote:

This goes on everywhere. No one wants to be the spoiler so no one asks the hard questions and “bells the cat” as some say. Hive minding is an epidemic affecting everything we do. Make a lot more people professionally liable for their acts and inactions and throw out the protections afforded by corporate law. Too many in business use corporate and bankruptcy law to shield themselves from liability for anything while conveniently taking fat payouts even when the companies are in free fall.

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Ideapete wrote:

At a recent presentation to fraud and due diligence examiners on risk, we asked the audience “How many of you can write and examine a SQL statement ? ” out of 150 only 3 hands went up. Meaning the rest trusted that the report and documentation they where given was valid from the database and they had no way to verify that. No wonder our due diligence industry is in such turmoil.

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