World powers want new nuclear talks with Iran quickly

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You can talk to these guys until you glow in the dark.

They want nothing but your absolute capitulation and adherence to their regimes policies. They are N. Korea with oil, and that oil is the only reason they’re even remotely relevant on the world stage.

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Harry079 wrote:

Iran is only seeking peaceful uses for nuclear power but in the meantime if they happen to produce enough weapons grade material by mistake for a few warheads what’s the harm?

I’m sure like their breatheren in Gaza, Syria and other places they would never use a nuclear weapon to threaten anyone.


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No they are just trying to get Iran back in the headlines again… the US has not put anything on the table in the negotiations so far and has probably just promised Israel they can invade Gaza when the US planned attack on Iran goes ahead very soon.

Some things strikingly absent from this article…

One it is not mentioned that this nuclear enrichment site ‘imperious to attack’ is under the monitoring of the IAEA. Why would you leave that out reuters??

And you say reuters that Iran is Israels “arch enemy”… but they have never been at war!?

If anyone is Israels arch enemy it would be the countries Israel has been at war with including Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon… some of these countries have had multiple wars with Israel.

How does Iran qualify as ‘arch enemy’ reuters? There has never been a conflict with Iran… the only point of contention is that Iran supports some of the people that Israel is bombing like the Palestinians and Lebanese people.

Israels arch enemy is the Palestinian people, full stop.

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Jim1648 wrote:


Speaking of absences, you didn’t note that Iran has sent missiles to Hezbollah and Hamas for bombarding Israel. I suppose to make it equal Israel should send some to the Kurds for use against Iran.

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