Roche, under fire, offers compromise in flu drug fight

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JoeBachofen wrote:

As a citizen and consumer I refuse to do business with any firm that claims its products are safe and effective but refuses to publish the details of the clinical trials that would substantiate those claims. If I can’t see your experiment design and its results then you can’t have my money.

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psw003 wrote:

As a pharmacist I can tell you the public has way to much faith in the effectiveness of drugs. There are many drugs people spend a lot of money on that have very little or no benefit over a placebo.

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MrEthiopian wrote:

Clinical trials are used to sell drugs when the outcome is positive and the information from the trials are public information, proof that the drug is safe for human consumption and that drug in question has no lethal side affects. If Roche is attempting to hide the results of the Clinical trials then this should be looked at as proof that the drug is either useless in treating threat or that the side effects are so drastic that the so called cure is more dangerous then the original threat, either way the Roche Clinical trials information is now questionable and a second third party study will need to be performed prior to any investment in said drug.

Sorry for spelling and punctuation, set from phone.


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