Price of milk makes Greeks' blood boil

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Radek.kow1 wrote:

Milk causes allergies, so selling it too cheap may be a bit like selling crisps. I wish I didn’t eat that much milk when I was younger. Now i’m stuck with allergies

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Harry079 wrote:

At a 1.50 euros per litre by my calculations that is over $6.00 for gallon of milk.

That would truly make milk a luxury for most Greeks.

Got Milk?

Apparently not.

Nov 22, 2012 5:24pm EST  --  Report as abuse wrote:

Stop drinking milk, eating cheese and eggs. Bad economy helps Greeks to live longer.

Nov 22, 2012 9:06pm EST  --  Report as abuse wrote:

If you have to drink milk, drink only fat and protein free milk.

Nov 22, 2012 9:27pm EST  --  Report as abuse wrote:

Not just the protein, not just the fat, many others are harmful to a human in milk and cheese. Stoping intake is the only choice.

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OneOfTheSheep wrote:

So the Greek milk market is “protected” by rules that allow milk a shelf life of only 5 days when twice that is the “European standard”? Makes sense ONLY to the “poor” dairy farmer who doesn’t want “foreign competition” and to overpaid protectionist Greek government paper shufflers.

Those bureaucrats can’t manage to facilitate land leases so farmers can grow fodder locally instead of importing it from the U.S.? Such leaches on the public teat richly deserve to be fired. Let me guess…such situations are probably endemic throughout Greece? Lesson over.

Greeks that accept such practices are the REASON their economy is dysfunctional. Until they FIX THAT, no infusion of “foreign” capital is going to make any long term difference!

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i have visited orhomenos and they got amazing strained yogurt from sheeps and goes and not from cows (greeks have no cows anyway).this milk does not causes allergie.
you should visit greece least their goats are not fed up with monsanto products…..

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VonHell wrote:

Perhaps what hurts economy is the fact people and press across EU, eurozone in particulary, expect the same living standards once they get in… usually they expect the same living standards of the richiest countries in the group…
Forget it… one country with a small farm system cant compete with a latifundia or highly mechanized system… the same reason the big supermarket chains erased the small and medium business of the map…

Open the markets and the local farming will disappear in countries like Portugal, Greece, Ireland… ops… the same countries in the bottom of the well…

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mstamper wrote:

“This could be done relatively simply in the pasteurisation process, but Skordas said cattle breeders feared – unnecessarily, in his opinion – that this would open the door to increased competition from imported milk.”

Well, there’s the ugly little secret. Greek milk would be substantially cheaper if producers were allowed to improve pasteurization to extend shelf life. Ironically, Greek milk producers oppose this because it would open up the market to (more efficient) competitors. Greek milk is expensive because local producers have a de-facto monopoly.

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