Israel pulls back from Gaza, invasion force intact

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unreason wrote:

“But 84 percent of Gaza’s rockets were knocked out of the sky by Israel’s new Iron Dome interceptor defence, neutralizing Hamas’ main weapon.”
I’m pretty sure the actual stat is 84% of *targeted* missiles. Only missiles within range of Iron Dome that were likely to hit a populated area were targeted.

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Neurochuck wrote:

Military tech evolves. The Israelis, Arabs and the rest of the world did not get to see if highly portable, hideable rocket weapons could take down tanks and attack helicopters, especially in urban areas.
The Chechens and Hezbollah raised the question.
It probably took a while for European traditions of horse cavalry to face the development of the machine gun in the American Civil War.

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VonHell wrote:

Despite all…that is a real truce… both sides have no possibility of victory and no gain on fighting…
If you compare the palestinian forces with the israeli forces…
it is ridiculous to believe that the poor palestinians have any chance of victory at all… even the fact a small force attacking a vast superior force shows how desperate they are… and why many act so irrational… and the chaotic rocket attack is the only weapon they have… psycological or terror weapon.
On the israeli side, victory means invasion and supression of the palestinian… this time the the death toll was near 30:1, last time 100:1… that cleary suggests the size of the genocide… to clear Gaza building by building and maybe the west bank too… and what of the palestinian population then? assimilate them as second class citizens? concentrate them in small pockets of land like guetos? expel them in some sort of refugee diaspora… or some sort of final solution?… There is no victory for the israelis without a holocaust… the reason they will never try to win… unless some crazy people take power…
Sometimes this senseless conflict is like some lost history that was kept out of the bible… like whoever wins the holy land will have no place in heaven… but they will fight again… sooner or later…

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Popsiq wrote:

What a waste of imported gasoline and diesel.

Nov 23, 2012 10:11am EST  --  Report as abuse
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