Boehner comments show tough road ahead for "fiscal cliff" talks

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bobber1956 wrote:

In January the Republicans will have even a tighter grip on the House Of Representatives with Paul Ryan is the Cairman of House Budget Committee, did someone forget that? Side stepping those that really care about the economy in favor of personal and minority entitlements is just, in all reality not possible. The liberal Democrats just need to face up to it and start being reasonable. There are going to be REAL cuts. They will hurt but the higher taxes or reduced loopholes will hurt too. The idealistic day dream is OVER. If we go over the cliff then the “middle” and “lower” class is going to really get hurt because the “upper” class will take their money and leave the country. The 2%? If they do not want anyone to get their money they won’t. America is not the best place to do business any way. Life’s a b—-! Deal with it.

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Spruce wrote:

Boehner and McConnell need to start working for the benefit of the country and begin to negotiate. The obstructionism that the GOP has demonstrated over the past 2 years has done great harm to the economy. Both need to start acting like statesmen and less like hack politicians.

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Raelyn wrote:

Boehner is such a Tea Party puppet.. I guess all those middle class majority votes didn’t tell him anything … and with luck this will be his last term in office.

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flashrooster wrote:

The Republicans have become the scourge of our Republic. They willingly sacrifice our economy and the financial well-being of millions of Americans to promote their failed radical policies. They don’t even believe in global warming as our ice caps melt away. Everyone on earth does except them. They are like the last believers in the world being flat, only their neanderthal thinking has very serious consequences.

Their policies don’t work. We know that now. We shouldn’t be forced to endure more of their cancerous policies just to raise taxes on the rich by a few percentage points. It’s crazy. This country will never thrive again as long as the Republicans have any power. They represent the interests of a few and those few are not patriots. They’re global financiers and industrialists, and don’t care about the USA.

The reign of the GOP needs to come to an end if we are to ever move forward again. Our country is being used to make a few people obscenely rich. The American people have spoken through this last election and the Republicans are purposely ignoring the will of the people. America’s GOP is despised the world over. They’re ruining this country. Everyone, here and abroad, would be better off if the Republican party just shut down.

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act1 wrote:

Boehner’s boner will be upholding the Republican Party’s reputation as the Party of No! The American public is weary of that non-negotiable behavior and want the country to move along in dealing with its problems.
Continuing in this manner will further weaken his party, which also happens to be my party. Without real efforts at consensus through negotiation, the Republican Party will be my former political party.

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justine1939 wrote:

Time to go over the cliff, which is no cliff at all. Just two measures that have already been hammered out by Congress and the president. Both measures are already signed and sealed. Indeed, sequestration is exactly the right way to handle the spending side, since it has been many years since Congress has been able to do it on their own. And for the revenue side, jut let all the Bush-era tax cuts expire as they were intended to do. We’ll have a tough period, but now is the time for it.

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susette wrote:

I think Boehner is trying to make a name for himself, as a hard liner who refuses to give in to “bleeding heart liberals.” Well there is more blood than just that of liberals oozing in our country, and I don’t see him as a part of the solution.

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flashrooster wrote:

stambo2001: Your post is so stupid and bigoted that I don’t know how to respond. You’re indirectly saying that young people, minorities, and about 43% of white voters are children, degenerates, and special interests. Idiotic racist-smeared statements like those are what cost Romney the election. I should also point out that those “children” are also of military age and many in that age group are putting their lives on the line so that you can spew your hate speech without fear. You also mindlessly are making the assumption that anyone who didn’t vote is a rightwing bigot like you. Bad assumption based on idiot gas.

There’s something else that you seem ill-equipped to comprehend. America is a diverse group of people. It always has been and always will be. We’re not a “white” country that tolerates a few groups of brute minorities. Caucasians just happen to have the highest percentage of the population. That’s all. And that’s changing, something you’ll have to learn to get used to.

And as far as America being run by like-minded moderates and liberals, if you look at our history, including the founding of this nation, like-minded moderates and liberals did a much, much better job of steering this nation forward than the radical, anti-science, bigoted rightwing conservatives have done over the last 3 decades or so.

I know none of this will sink in because you don’t want it to. You are desperate, and that desperation is filling you with hate and fear. You can choose to either live out your life with such anxiety-producing paranoia, or you can get past your prejudice and start trusting the fact that white people don’t own a monopoly on intelligence, innovation, and hard work. And white people don’t own a monopoly on love for this country and a determination to make it work. Non-white people know that we couldn’t survive very long with high taxes and everyone living off of the government dole. They don’t want that. But they also know that we can’t survive cutting taxes to zero, letting corporations raise prices without raising pay to where we can no longer afford to live, and do this while cutting government programs that serve our nation well, like public schools, maintenance of our electrical grid and our infrastructure, and affordable healthcare. There has to be a practical balance and conservatives have completely lost that balance, because they’re being directed to by some very wealthy people who don’t need anything from our government except security, which is why our military is the only government expenditure they consistently want to increase.

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AlkalineState wrote:

Today’s Headline:

“Republican Boner Firm, Comes Out Swinging.”

Lucky us.

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AlkalineState wrote:

I hope the GOP keeps attracting the Stambos of the world. Their effort over the past 30 years to seek out the lowest hillbilly donominator has done wonders for their influence and effectiveness in Congress. Keep the crazy train rolling, GOP. Good luck in 2016 :)

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Gigimoderate wrote:

No news here. Boehner is pandering. @bobber1956 Is pessimistic, must watch faux news. @stambo2001, well no words for you….I hope you seek help!

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UnPartisan wrote:


The liberal dream is dying right in front of you. Look to your Utopia, Europe. It is crumbling under the realization that Keynesian economics destroys economies. Large governments and big promises fail. And the people riot. The majority of those voting for the Democrats are on the dole, guess who will be rioting when the results of the fiscal cliff hits home…

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flashrooster wrote:

UnPartisan: You don’t seem to know what you’re talking about. What liberal dream are you referring to, America succeeding as a nation? That’s my “liberal” dream. Maybe it IS dying right in front of me, but that way I continue to argue for sanity, and to oppose a political party that demonizes science, personal freedom, and free thinking.

I don’t think of Europe as a Utopia. For one thing, Europe is a large area with a lot of different countries and a lot of diversity, so stating “Look to your Utopia, Europe,” doesn’t make sense. I’m a pragmatist. There are some things I like about Europe and some things I don’t.

I’d be interested in knowing what you consider to be well-governed countries. Rightwingers are always quick to criticize, but they rarely offer solutions or examples of what works. So, again I ask, if Europe is so bad, what are some examples of well-run countries?

And I don’t know who will be rioting when the results of the fiscal cliff hits home. I’m not even sure what that means. Suppose you tell us, but only after answering my first question (in the paragraph above.)

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Saywhaaaaa wrote:

stambo2001: Trickle down economics has failed for over three decades and the proof is the widening gap between rich and poor. A little history lesson during the Reagan years only just over 50% of the US population voted in both of his elections. The same with Bush Jr and Bush Jr lost the popular vote in his first election and yet both those candidates claimed mandates. The fact that Obama ran for re-election and the Republicans lost seats in the House, (the Dems also had a larger popular vote than repubs but lost seats because of redistricting) lost seats in the Senate and Obama won the popular vote IS A MANDATE. After two years of Boehner rule the country has stated they want the far right Republicans to move to the center and the majority of the country stands with Obama rather than Tea Party Republicans that now rule the Republican party. Obama is no more left wing than Ronald Reagan who raised taxes over 11 times, raised the federal gas tax 110%, had a higher capital gains tax than now and higher tax rates than now and tripled the deficit from what it was when he came in to office. And Reagan did all that while not having to worry about winding down two wars run incompetently by his successor.
You say things like :
‘The right stand as a single block of like minded citizens,…”
And that is scary because that is how Nazi Germany came in to being.

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YoungTurkArmy wrote:

Well, gerrymandering or not, your votes create the HR. The Republicans can keep trying to kill health care for the nation. They can bring on another recession if they choose to not compromise. Start the primary process NOW. Either these guys get taken out or you will keep on sinking.

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Nutral wrote:

Republicans need to get over their defeat and abandon the pre election game plan. Saying we’re going to work together and then throw ultimatums on the table by stating Obamacare is on the table over and over will cost the republicans in 2014. The reason for Obamacare is because the private sector insurance ran with a free hand too long. There is no reason a breast x-ray should be billed at $226 and a chest x-ray at $44 on equipment that’s been paid foe ten fold. The greedy corporations created Obamacare now live with it and move on. Let’s start cutting government waste by reviewing the house payroll, Pay them for what they accomplish not for time served and penalize them for each time they delay something that will benefit the working class. After all, they work for us, right? Or have they amended that behind our backs?

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mb56 wrote:

“No, you and your ilk are the scourge of the republic. Barry won 50% of the vote”
Never ceases to amaze me how Conservatives view Obama’s 50+% of the vote as “no mandate” to make tax adjustments… WHILE Bush’s LESS THAN 50% of the vote in 2000 WAS a mandate in their minds to lower those very same taxes… what gives? (beside hypocrisy of course).

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PortlandME wrote:

stambo2001 and the rest of the conservative Tea Party crowd…News Alert: Obama won in 2008 and 2012; The Court ruled Obamacare is the law of the land. The new healthcare lives on.

Boehner is a fraud and he should stop stonewalling because Obama holds all of the cards. If the Republicans don’t want to play in 2012, then all taxes go up Jan. 1st. and the Republicans will be blamed. And, Obama will get a better tax cut deal for the middle-class in 2013.

So, keep following the GOP clowns and they will lead you guys straight over the cliff.

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sandman839 wrote:

No it wont. The Greedy Old Party lost 4 seats in the house and they can only filubuster in the senate. There is no way the dems will let the only good thing that got through the house and senate to go away. Even if it went through it would get vetoed. The GOP needs to look at the fact that they lost seats, and the ones they did keep were tighter than ever for red districts. The dems are in the drivers seat since if they do nothing the econamy will turn around, just slower, and all that will do is help the dems next time.

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Abulafiah wrote:


Explain how Keynesian economics is killing Europe, and be specific – none of your Fox nonsense.

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pyanitsa wrote:

The issues have been resolved in the field. Debating time is over. Push Boehner off the cliff. His partisans are bereft of reason.

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UnPartisan wrote:


First, I don’t watch Fox news. If you are not familiar with keynesian economics, deficit spending, and the debt crisis in Europe, I am not going to waste my time trying to educate you. Look it up yourself. Once informed, look up Austrian Economics. Governments only have the power to kill economies, they do not have the power to create a real, strong, economy.

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KPKathleen wrote:

I do hope Pres. Obama does not cave on S.S. Medicare, Medicaid. That is why a lot of people voted for him. Let the Bush Tax Rates EXPIRE. Republicans are always the obstructionists. American People DO NOT deserve this.

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Abulafiah wrote:


So your answer is no – you cannot explain, with specifics, how Keynesian politics is killing Europe. You are just repeating Republican soundbites in an absence of any actual knowledge.

I am familiar with both Keynesian economics and the discredited cult of Austrian School economics. That is why I do know that the problem in Europe is nothing to do with Keynes, and you don’t – you just say what Fox says.

As for “deficit spending, and the debt crisis” here are some facts: EU regulations limit debt to 60% of GDP, so at the beginning of the crisis EU debt was at a historic low, and lower than the Republicans debt level in the US. Spain’s debt level was one of the lowest in the world at around 40%.

Now, explain – with specifics – how these historically low debt levels caused a crisis.

I am sure you will fail to do that too…

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cocostar wrote:

When the country goes over the cliff the republicans will be the cause!

The record filibusters over President Obama’s first term should tell anyone the republicans are the problem. Imagine, more filibusters in 4 years than all the filibusters that were ever files since the start of the country…? HELLO…..

Nov 25, 2012 9:34am EST  --  Report as abuse
cocostar wrote:

Obama care is law. Its done and over with!
Lets plan on going over the cliff! Talk to the republicans like your interested in their idea’s and you will probably vote their way. Then don’t!
Any party that would sign a special interest tax pledge with Grover Norquist can’t be trusted to do the right thing about anything!

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cocostar wrote:

I would like to inform Spruce that it hasn’t been just the last 2 years but the last 4 that republican obstruction has frozen the government. In case he didn’t know it the republicans filed record filibusters in the first 2 years of Obama. That was more filibusters than were ever filed in the government since the beginning of the country combined!
The republican leaders hate Obama just like they did Clinton because they know that he knows its all about special interest and money and has nothing to do with the people. And he’s going to change it!

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