Egypt's Mursi faces judicial revolt over decree

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matthewslyman wrote:

@”Truth_Teller”: President Obama was a constitutional law professor. His record is of allowing Congress to pontificate on all sorts of national strategic issues like debts/deficits and kick those issues into the long grass, rather than doing what Bill Clinton would have done: EMBARRASS Congress into taking real action. If Obama was anything like what you are suggesting, he would have pushed Obamacare through much faster, and with less amendments!

Check out this panel discussion on Reuters… These guys are truth-tellers…

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Gringilitis wrote:

I thought Islam was a regelion of peace … because Obama told me so.

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Condor30303 wrote:


Zero was an adjunct lecturer who apparently was hardly ever in a class room. He ignores court rulings, usurps Congress’ power to declare recess, spits on the bankruptcy laws, and has openly declared he will just do whatever he wants if Congress does not rubber stamp it. He is the only President to openly chastise SCOTUS during a State of the Union Address, for not bending to his will. Zero will do whatever he wants, as long as we let him get away with it.

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Condor30303 wrote:

Jimmy Carter brought us Iran. BHO brings us Egypt.

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robertoh wrote:

Morsi tells the sheep that he’s doing this only for six months until a Constitution can be written.
Power corrupts,absolute power corrupts absolutly.
Egypt meet your new dictator,who’ll probably be worse than the last one,Mubarack.

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Vuenbelvue wrote:

Bush II signed the Patriot Act or was that history changed to after Jan 15, 2009 by Karl Rove and the pollsters? Republican math at it’s finest hour.

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Condor30303 wrote:

Vuenbelvue, huh, so Egypt is GWB’s fault? What at all is your point?

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Dem4ever wrote:

Mursi had to do this action to clean the justice system from Mubarak’s corrupted judges. The oppositions are mainly from the old guards , and soar losers of presidential election.

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Starkstruck wrote:

And President Obama by getting out front and turning against Mubarek, aided and assisted the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ take over by the Muslim Brotherhood … One Wondered then (and now) why he did so; rather than let the Eyptians resolve their own problems in their own way free from US influence.

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Starkstruck wrote:

Dem4ever …. obviously you have not yet graduated from any accredited school in America…. I think you meant to write “The opposition is mainly from the ‘old guard’, and other sore losers of the Egyptian presidential election.”

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MadCharles wrote:

America’s black eye.

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CmdrBuzz wrote:

Obama will be rushing off to Egypt to confer with Mursi to find out how he granted himself these powers. Obama wants to do the same for himself here.

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trymcclinton wrote:

More evidence of the COMPLETE incompetence or rather the complete disregard for what the Middle East has become. I can wax poetic all day long about how the Obama Administration failed to do anything worthy of the word diplomacy during the “Arab Spring”…but why bother…it is apparently falling on deaf ears. Instead I will say, get ready for the “Arab Winter” to unleash its power and pure hate towards the rest of the World. God help Israel and the USA…they won’t help themselves..

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krismjs wrote:

Um, is this really a surprise to anyone?

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BioStudies wrote:

@Dem4ever actually he’s doing this to push through more Islamic law. Contrary to popular belief not all of Egypt is radicalized like Morsi.

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elgabachero wrote:

Islamist politicians are proponents of democracy up until the moment of their election.

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longbeach7 wrote:

All hail the great new Pharoah – Terrorkammun…His Dynasty will reveal the renewed prophesy of killing the Jew and the American Great Satans. Sharia Law for all apostates as well are true believers. A new pyramid will rise from the Nile Valley that is both a tribute to Islam – ignoring the Pagan religion of the past – but will also be part of a new theme park named; Martyr World. All except infidels are welcome and instead of Pirates of the Carribean – the most popular attraction with be the “Crusaders of the Meditteranean” Fun for All!
Why does Genocide suddenly make so much sense now?

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Thomas1953 wrote:

It may be that through his actions Mursi might just get the youth to come out and fight for real freedom, so they are not crushed under the thumb of Islamic Radicals. This action may force him out and a free and open election held. It was the followers of Mursi that murder the Christians in their church just for being Christian. Let us remember that there have been Jews and Christians in Egypt hundreds of years longer than the Islamic radicals. .

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Wheelerdude wrote:

Gee, wasn’t Mursi the guy Obama favored over Mubarak? Isn’t this the result of the “Muslim Spring” that Obama supported? Did Obama tell Mursi, “You try taking power first, and if it works then I’ll do it in America.”?

Obama can’t blame this on inheritance, Obama Built This, Himself!!!

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UnPartisan wrote:


Reagan brought us Iraq and Afghanistan… Your move.

Nov 24, 2012 1:39pm EST  --  Report as abuse
1942.bill wrote:

Thank goodness that there is still one country in the world where people realize when they have elected a crackpot dictator to run their country. We should be so lucky!!!

Nov 24, 2012 1:49pm EST  --  Report as abuse
plainmad wrote:

so now who is fighting who? is this the muslim brotherhood against the arab spring or al quaeda verses hamas or arab spring verses allah or mohammad verses islam.

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sjfella wrote:

“Meet the new boss,
same as the old boss.”

The Who

Nov 24, 2012 4:30pm EST  --  Report as abuse

as regards to what happened to the Arab people after the liberation of their countries from the West, I do believe that was better for theme to stay under the European occupation since there is no freedom, no justice and peace. It’s like you “jump from frying pan into fire”. This phenomenon of clutching the chair for good is scattering every where in the Arab world. We are still living in the Napoleon era. It’s very weird situation.

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as regards to what happened to the Arab people after the liberation of their countries from the West, I do believe that was better for theme to stay under the European occupation since there is no freedom, no justice and peace. It’s like you “jump from frying pan into fire”. This phenomenon of clutching the chair for good is scattering every where in the Arab world. We are still living in the Napoleon era. It’s very weird situation.

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JamVee wrote:

Unpartisan – REAGAN brought us Iraq and Afghanistan ??? What planet did you draw that conclusion from?

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Alex5627 wrote:

The point it that Morsi has been elected by majority. When voting what could they expect? M. Brothers is not a democratic party, it has never been. They do exactly what they promised. People of Egypt got what they choose.
If they want democratic style of state and government they first must change their understanding of this world.

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Aranhas wrote:

Wait! You mean Egypt is not going to be a democratic country? How can that happen? Didn’t Obama support the “Arab Spring” and throw Mubarak under the bus? What’s going on here? Are we still sending the Egyptians more than a billion dollars every year because they are our allies? Oh, wait, maybe they aren’t our allies according to Obama. So, why the money? Ah, Obama, Obama, Obama – as Santayana said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”. Think: Carter/Shah of Iran

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VSNFR60 wrote:

touche’ – sjfella

Nov 24, 2012 5:41pm EST  --  Report as abuse

and we have Obama running the show…what could possibly go wrong?
Maybe when he’s done playing golf he’ll check on this…nah.
Too late now, sit back and enjoy the show. Look on the bright side, how many people actually get to see and empire collapse in real time?

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VidkunL wrote:

Methinks some Egyptians may not be too hot to trot for the MB. Perhaps Dear Leader, BHO, will decided to support the anti-MB protestors this time around. Yeah, right.

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swanto wrote:

No sooner do I post regarding the idiocy of Obama bashing then “hellofamess2012″ appears as an example of what I was talking about.

Here is someone that would have us alarmed because the president is supposedly playing too much golf (ala Eisenhauer). More sadly we see
the revelation of the idiotic idea that tyranny in the Middle East represents American “empire”.

That such ignorant ideas, bereft of any understanding of American values, can become rampant in the United States is shocking.

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UnPartisan wrote:


Under Reagan we supported Iraq in their war against Iran. How did that turn out for the US just a few years later. In Afghanistan we supporte Osama Bin Laden and the Taliban against the USSR. Again, how did that turn out for the US?

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UnPartisan wrote:


What is the difference in him saying that about Obama, and you saying it about Eisenhauer? How many times a year did Demcorats complain about Bushing going to Crawford? Their idiots on both sides of the fence, and from my Libertarian point of view, the Democrats are by far the dumbest children when it comes to mindless insults, character assasination, name calling, rabbit trailing, etc. By the way, America has backed hundreds of tyrants since WW2 in the name of fighting communism, terrorism, drugs, oil contracts, or whatever else they deemed important.

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mike4rest wrote:

Iraq was fighting a mutual enemy Iran! The fact you ignore that is proof you are nothing but either a wild eyed Obamabot or a Moslem Brotherhood lunatic!

And we NEVER EVER SUPPORTED BIN LAND! Not ever! Nor would Bin Ladin have accepted such help! HE HATES US!

And the Taliban didn’t even exist until Reagan was out of Office!

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Looktohim wrote:

This is why the Egyptian people should never have elected a radical muslim President. Because they will lose more and more of their freedoms. Because they support sharaia law and instead it would be better to give out freely and publish the word of God, the Authorized King James Holy Bible. Since it speeks of the Lord God, the Lord Jesus Christ who died on a cross for all mens sins against God our creator. And was buried, and rose from the dead the third day and returned to heaven. And they would be better off both spiritually and physically to repent and believe the gospel in their hearts. That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead ; thou shalt be saved. Romans 10:9. Sincerely ;

Nov 24, 2012 7:57pm EST  --  Report as abuse

mursi is hijacking the peoples democracy that brought him to power using the same undemocratic laws that the arab spring fought against

Nov 24, 2012 8:13pm EST  --  Report as abuse
Dugway wrote:

Morsi assumed that he had a mandate.


Late 2013/early 2014, we’ll be in the same boat.

Nov 24, 2012 9:22pm EST  --  Report as abuse

OK, Mursi’s decree defends him judicial review decisions. And now the judicial system will review his decree. Ahhhhhh, good luck with that!

Nov 24, 2012 10:19pm EST  --  Report as abuse
swanto wrote:


The difference is that I DON’T criticize Ike for playing golf.
I do, however, criticize you for saying I did.

Also, who do you “Libertarians” think you are kidding with this “unPartisan” routine?

Everyone knows you are conservative Republicans. Isn’t your crackpot
leader, Ron Paul,(and his son) a Republican?

You leap to defend an imagined attack on Ike, follow ultra cons
like the Pauls, and yet you have the nerve to insult the public with this “unPartisan” garbage?

Perfectly consistent with the teeny-bopper version of 18th century
drivel-philosophy you espouse.

Nov 24, 2012 10:51pm EST  --  Report as abuse
RHWoodman wrote:

My best wishes and heartfelt prayers go out in support of those in Egypt who are protesting Mursi’s actions. They are intolerable in a free society. Mursi should be called to account for his decrees and removed from office. The Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafists should be denied the right to run for or hold office, as this action by Mursi strongly suggests that neither the MB nor the Salafists can be trusted with political power.

Nov 25, 2012 12:36am EST  --  Report as abuse
UnPartisan wrote:


I prefer that we have a system of no political parties. That is what I mean by the term Unpartisan. I would rather people vote for candidates than political parties. Unfortunately you have to be a Democrat or a Republican to have a shot at election in most races.

I am as much a Republican as any pro-choice, pro homosexual marriage, pro drug decriminalization, anti foreign intervention, social liberal can possibly be. I despise the religous right’s use of the Republican party to try and legislate a theocracy, and I despise the NeoCons running us into bankruptcy while creating new enemies for us on a daily basis. Just because I believe in fiscal responsibility does not make me anything close to a modern day Republican.

You call Ron Paul a crackpot, yet I am sure you would agree with almost all of his socially liberal positions. Just because you support deficit spending, and Keynesian econimic policies, doesn’t make you smart and him a crack pot. What he has been warning the US will happen for the last 20 years is happening before our very eyes.

I wasn’t leaping to the defense of Ike, I was saying how hypocritical it is for Democrats to get on Republicans for doing something that the Democrats do everytime a Republican President is in office. But enjoy your Democrat led path to austerity. I hope you are one of the people that depends on the government for everything and starve to death because you don’t know how to take care of yourself.

Nov 25, 2012 7:48pm EST  --  Report as abuse
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