Analysis: With eye on Iran, Gaza conflict reassures Netanyahu

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JafoIAm wrote:

Thank you for the informative article

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T.J.McBears wrote:

Israel can do a lot but going after Iran— Israel lacks fleet ships, effective stealth technology (en masse) and strategic bombers–planes like B1s, B2s, and B52s that can practically become stationary over a target, and whose arsenal is almost all precision munitions some of which are so large no Israeli plane can carry, Iran–The real source of the terror and rockets– had the U.S. intervened militarily the rocket attacks would have ended in a day!

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mils54 wrote:

logical….Your comments make me think of the Monty Pithon movie “life of Brian”….After having his arms and legs cut off the blk knight still challenges his superiors……Funny!!!

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Butch_from_PA wrote:

Netanyahu is on a suicide mission and taking a lot of Israel down with him.

I feel sorry for those stuck under his contact fear mongering and political manipulation.

He is like many previous world leaders – a bit megalomaniac a bit crazy, and on a hell bent mission for dominance – which will end badly for his nation’s citizens who will be the victims left in the rubble.

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Israel needed the cease fire because it ran out of missiles. Their technology is interesting but they lack the manufacturing capacity of China that does not support Israel. Hamas has deep bunkers that are now covered with steel supplied by Mubarak when he pretended to use the steel to cut off Hamas tunnels. Digging tunnels to the steel barrier allowed Hamas to use cutting torches to disassemble the barrier and use the steel. Hamas arms manufacturing centers were not disrupted by Israeli airstrikes. US Army Special Forces troops taught islamic insurgents in the 1980′s to build deep bunkers that could not be found by aircraft or satellites because the Soviets, who had troops in Afghanistan, had an air force and a space program. We also taught islamic insurgents to disassemble weapons, reverse engineer them, make their own versions, and develop and make improved weapons.

Hezbollah is stronger than Hamas with long range missiles that can hit all of Israel. Stealth contours, coatings, and exhaust baffles have been or are being applied. Drones provide information on Israeli defenses with each flight. They have offensive hacking programs that tell Israelis that Lebanese missiles are friendly, so Israeli defenders should not fire.

Iran will be much more difficult than Hezbollah in southern Lebanon.

In addition, Iran appeared to threaten Arab countries along the south shore of the Persian Gulf, so the US sold billions of dollars worth of advanced US weapons to the Arabs. US weapons have programs designed to prevent their use against the US and Israel, but programs and imbedded hardware can be removed and replaced to allow advanced US weapons in the hands of Arabs to attack US and Israeli targets. Perhaps, the US can make a movie about these recent arms transactions, and the US can entitle the movie “Been Had.”

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mirab wrote:

By just looking at his photos in the press it seems that he has a face of a failure and in fact will fail in his attempt whenever he decides to attack Iran. The sad part is that he will take Israel down with him.

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mirab wrote:

By just looking at his photos in the press it seems that he has a face of a failure and in fact will fail in his attempt whenever he decides to attack Iran. The sad part is that he will take Israel down with him.

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ThomasShaf wrote:

Hamas has now tested the waters and Israel has disclosed their most recent upgrade. I this game of chess – the intelligence gained by Hamas is invaluable – Israel having used their most potent defenses. Netanyahoo is playing politics with his military. It is so obvious, what he is doing that he must not see that everyone else sees the king has no clothes. Early elections after propagandizing his relationship with a President whose first name, Barak, mimics a famous 1973 batallion, famaous in the 1973 war. Iran, so, has been tipped off. This is just an observation – no sides to choose. However, Egypts leaders cooperation in obtaining a cease fire, at first apapearaing heroic, now pales. We, Americans, should watch very closely those appearing drunk with power.
Thomas E. Shafovaloff
Thomas E. Shafovaloff

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PCScipio wrote:

mils54, shame on you; that was “Monty Python and the Holy Grail.” :-)

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Israel made a very wise move with the ceasefire.
I am mostly sure that they expected a lot of incoming rockets, and this was the perfect opportunity to test Iron Dome. As far as I know, they have 5 already, and 17 should be enough for most of the country. This was a great publicity boost for buying and deploying them as fast as possible, even if they have a high price. If Israel is defended against rockets, basically the only way to defeat it, is by going on land, or overwhelming the territory with rockets. In case of a war with Iran, they don’t need to watch their backs with Gaza.

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cautious123 wrote:

So, all those hysterics about “the rockets from Gaza” are just trumped-up excuses for Israel to kill innocent children and bomb civilian infrastructure! The Iron Dome–paid for by U.S. taxpayers–is just giving Israel cover to further its aggression and land grabbing frenzy. The immorality and illegality of the occupation and blockade–against which the Palestinians have every right to defend themselves by rockets or any other means–is never even mentioned by the Jews screaming for Palestinian blood. U.S. politicians and all Americans should hang their heads in shame for perpetuating and enabling one massacre after another by the war criminal Israelis.

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Shuayb wrote:

The details of an Israeli attack on Iran are revealed in Jonathan Bloomfield’s award-winning book, “Palestine.”

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