Opponents of Egypt's Mursi call Cairo protest for Tuesday

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moweddell wrote:

Islamism is a generational curse! The Muslem and Islamic countries have been ruled for centuries by dictators, kings, militias, or fanatical religious clerics. A survey in 2002 by the UN showed that the citizens of these various countries have an illeteracy rate of 40% to 70%, and with employment over 40%. Those who are educated are indoctrinated into religious dogma. These populations do not have a clear understanding about the role, duties, or responsibilities of a citizen or their governments role within a “democracy”. They do not like their present circumstances, which are self imposed, thus, they riot, rebel, cause civil war and chaos. After their rebellions, in recent history their “Arab Spring”, they eventually fall back on to what they know, more dictatorships, or choose another misguided fanatical cleric to rule, just like in Iran, and perhaps now, even Egypt. After their rebellions, they always revert back to the same old fanaticism by declaring Jihad against their neighbor who did not participate in the rebellion, and again start killing Jews, Christians, educated women and children, other religious sects, and then export their terrorism to neighboring countries. Note that they always blame others for their cause. They are their own worst enemy and the only way to change this generational curse is to change their religion. This would be impossible, thus we must isolate them until they learn how behave in a civilized world of nations. In the meantime we should stay out of the frey, but remember to keep our powder dry.

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