New corruption scandal rocks Brazilian government

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Fbear0143 wrote:

Rousseff is a strong personality, fair and anti-corruption. She will do all she can to prevent corruption, as she is able to discover it. However, one wonders if the conservative press in Brazil, owned and controlled by a determined elite intent on discrediting the strides made by the Lula and Rousseff governments in order to slow the growing middle class. They are going to have to learn that as the middle class grows, it will become more wise to the ways of the rich in Brazil. They will also become convinced that corruption on the left, while attacked by the press, would be ignored if it became corruption on the right. After all, the press would benefit from a corrupt right-wing regime. So they see nothing to lose by attacking the fair chances the workers and their allies. They will live to regret their actions, if they aren’t careful. Ordinary people are becoming more and more aware of how a rich group anywhere in the world is never the friend of theirs.

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stonehillady wrote:

Viva la Casa de Araujo

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TheHen wrote:

“Strong personality?” You could say that. 30 years ago she was a member of a Communist-inspired terror group that financed their Left wing agenda by abductions and ransoming. When Lula took over he followed an excellent Reagen-esque president who finally set the country’s economy on a sound track.

When Lula was campaigning he was hitting the corrupt record of the Brasilian-Reagan. When he won (thanks to the uninformed masses, and how they reacted to his proud claim he’d never even finished the equivalent of high-school – and was functionally illiterate, if not charismatic), he restored the former Leftist terrorists in the country to something approaching acceptability. Ms. Rousseff was one of these who was brought back from the sleazy shadows.

Please, don’t get the impression she has changed her inner personality. Maybe her external spots, but not thee real her.

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wish african leaders could take a cue from this woman, corruption needs to be dealt with swiftly

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davidkachel wrote:

If they had nothing to sell, it would not be possible to corrupt them!
The problem is a corrupt GOVERNMENT! Not just a few corrupt officials.

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VonHell wrote:

This is an obvious power dispute inside the party…
Fueled by Brazilian growth, the workers party brought or renewed corrupted officials and politicians all over the gov’s pyramid of power…
And the flesh of those who never experimented gov power (friends, relatives, union leaders, student leaders, etc) is much weaker and easy to corrupt as you can see…
But one thing that Lula was able to do was build that image of savior… and bring popularity to the corrupt gov… and when things go blue and green…. people turn the blind eye to corruption and organized crime… you can easily see the chaos Brazil is now…
People see Dilma as just a woman destined to keep the chair warn until the next election… when the great Lula will return…
But inside that solitary and “comunist-inspired” mind of hers, i doubt this is the country she dreamed while she was fighting the military dictatorship with the guerilla…

And now it is so obvious: all the party’s big shots and the support base of corrupted people installed by Lula is been wiped out… or simply left to be wiped out… and with his closest supporters behing bars… soon he will be more like a piece of history than the next president… and the woman keeping the chair warm is today the biggest bet to keep the chair…

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puzzled wrote:

With the GDP growth Brazil has been experiencing for nearly the past decade, it is without question that corruption of this type is prevalent. They should look into the world cup and upcoming olympics while they are at it. In addition, brazilians officials were actually selling parcels of rain forest to wealthy brazilians as vacation retreats – in the meantime they were destroying invaluable ecosystems, disrupting colonies of species – all in the name of glamour and money. Sad to see it but its a consequence of the capitalist machine.

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tommhan wrote:

Tell me it isn’t true? Corruption in South America? Amazing!!!!

Nov 25, 2012 2:03am EST  --  Report as abuse
jaybryan wrote:

Corruption continues to plague political processes from small county governments to federal govt. All due to the love of money and power. When will corruption in whatever form or forum really end? The answer may surprise you.

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dadzrites wrote:

What do you expect from Socialist dictatorships? Corruption, extortion, kidnapping, racketeering, murder is their modus operandi. Without it, they can’t maintain power.

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dencal26 wrote:

Leftists like Rouseff usually end up corrupt. They feel they are entitled to someone elses money

Nov 25, 2012 2:21pm EST  --  Report as abuse
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