Israel says successfully tests more powerful rocket interceptor

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I remember when the radar detectors came out for speeding, cops got wise to it and started to ban it in many states, so they came up with a anti anti radar detector, and so on. Hope this shield works otherwise it could spell disaster for Israel. Technology is evolving everyday and is not confined to the military only, but private sectors have access to this technology as well. The best way to settle this would be a 2 state solution PERIOD!

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boreal wrote:

David’s Sling retains its theoretical effectiveness until countermeasures pull out its fangs, neutralize its efficacy. If the 4-500 Palestinian projectiles that were shot at Israel would have been divided into 2-3 about even lots and synchronized in 2-3 waves at least 85% of the rockets would have got through. Iron Dome or any other system under saturation just could not reload fast enough. Besides simple saturating synchronized waves other countermeasures would decrease the interceptors’ success ratio. The would include maneuverability: deviating the projectile’s pre-determined, predictable parabolic flying path i.e. the projectile start flying in a random corkscrew pattern towards its target; using stealth skin; jamming ground radar with a metallic dust cloud or other conducting flying debris; or one even better one: electronically shifting the bouncing radar frequencies just a couple of cycles that would make ground control erroneously calculate the projectile’s position and trajectory.

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