Thousands demonstrate in Bangladesh after deadly blaze

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paintcan wrote:

This sounds so like the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory blaze in Lower Manhattan a little over 100 years ago. Locked doors also kept those women trapped in the room. It evidently spread so fast that one woman was found upright at her sewing machine with no head. But the rest of her was intact apparently and still dressed? It sounded like the fire burned fiercely leaving about four feet of space near the floor.

New Yorkers changed the laws very quickly and that scale of fire disaster didn’t happen again in exactly the same way. The major killer fires that occurred in the 20th century seem to have been nightclubs that weren’t giving adequate attention to patron’s safety. There was a recent one, either here in New Hampshire or in Massachusetts, where the patrons watched the stage catching fire because the fire was part of the act and they didn’t quite get it until it was obvious it wasn’t an act.

A similar problem with delayed reaction occurred with a fireworks display to celebrate the opening of the CCTV building in China. A firework landed on the roof of the incomplete hotel that was part of the complex and started a blaze that burned out all 40 or 50 floors of the building. Apparently, a full height atrium made it possible for the burning roof to spark the interior from the ground floor up. There used to be a video (may still be there) on youTube that shows the burning firework as people in a neighboring tower filmed it. It burned for almost 30 minutes before it caught the roofing material and it started to melt and burn. The people that filmed it didn’t quite catch on that there was a major problem starting but you could hear them wondering what to do about. I don’t know whether or not they tried to contact authorities. I think they said something that it was burning for too long.

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TheUSofA wrote:

The workers being exploited the world over need to unionize. The corporations that profit need to be held accountable and the consumers addicted to mindless consumption need to be better educated as to the true cost of their cheap goods.

Just like in China, organizers are threatened, jailed, tortured and even killed.

“Tensions have been running high between workers, who have been demanding an increase in minimum wages, and the factory owners and government. A union organizer, Aminul Islam, who campaigned for better working conditions and higher wages, was found tortured and killed outside Dhaka this year.”

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kiwibird wrote:

It is such a disgrace, we need a documentary maker to go and do an undercover expose on this matter; exploitation of workers. It is a shame on everyone of us in the West that buy these goods and garments.

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