Dow, S&P rise on jobs, but Apple bites Nasdaq again

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mountainrose wrote:

Sandy did it. Cant say I can recall one storm being blamed for so many economic woes from Florida to Alaska

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sheriffgali wrote:

Irrespective of whether we realize it or not, “all things do work for our good.” The things we perceive to be good, bad or indifferent, in the final analysis shapes us to be better people, more caring and seeing much farther than we had before and not only dreaming but making every effort to realize not only our dreams, but doing everything possible to help those that are less fortunate than we are.

The forecast was for 93,000 non-payroll jobs and the actual figures are 143,000 taking the unemployment rate down to 7.7%. People may been disappointed when they heard 93,000 but now overjoyed with 143,000.

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Crash866 wrote:

At least they stopped blaming Bush mountainrose…
Why didn’t the great jobs numbers offset this….

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MeritMan wrote:

Solid jobs data? Reuters actually read beyond the headline? Last 2 months of employment have been revised down and the unemployment rate is heavily influenced by folks who stopped looking for a job.

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mountainrose wrote:

350,000 people dropped out, stopped looking only so many applications you can put in, Both the September and October job growth reports were revised downward, 18 and 33,000 as will this report be revised downward, they always are in this recovery.

this sort of reporting has been going around for many years, dems or reps, financial media serves the same interests. You can’t export jobs overseas on the scale this country has been doing for last 20 years and expect any meaningful job growth stateside. They can hire 3 engineers in India for the cost of one in the states. It is what it is. Nobody noticed cause the giant super-sized credit bubble they created helped mask it all and now it’s gone, not returning this lifetime

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Regulator623 wrote:

One small item they left out of the story, 350,000 Americans dropped out of the workforce and off the unemployment rolls….keep drinking the koolaid.

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