Wall Street succumbs to Apple's fall, "cliff" uncertainty

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AZreb wrote:

Will someone explain why Wall Street and the stock market are our barometers of US economy when so many of the big corporations on the board have outsourced labor and built factories in other countries – plus pay little to no taxes to the US? This is not helping our own workers and our own country.

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jabberwolf wrote:

AZreb because big companies are a representation of investment IN THE USA. Retards like Obama and those that kiss his butt seem to not realize that. That WallStreet IS AMERICA. Its where we all invest and where our bosses ask for investment. Trickledown is a real thing and when Wallstreet is doing badly – is a bad barometer for the rest of the USA.

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MJGSimple wrote:

jabberwolf – You must work for a publicly traded company. You might be surprised to know the number of publicly traded companies is dwindling and they already represent an amazingly small percentage of U.S. businesses. Less than 0.01% of American businesses are represented in the stock market.

AZreb – The stock market is considered a barometer for the US economy because that is were we put our money. If you’re saving in a 401k or Roth IRA, you are putting your future in the hands of the stock market. Also, as you save money in the bank, the bank usually invests that money either as loans to other people or in the stock market. Since that is where most of the money goes, that is where we measure how our money is doing. You’re right, however, that most corporations are less interested in development and returns for Americans as a whole than in their own pockets. So they take our money, move our jobs, and then pocket the returns as “acquisitions” rather than paying dividends and/or taxes.

Lastly, many don’t seem to understand that an increasing number of people in the US are living check to check. They don’t have investments. Thus, we are systematically making them poorer.

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xbjllb wrote:

Apple is slipping because it is now fully transitioned from being the top computer maker in the world to just another fad toymaker pandering to the lowest common denominator. The cutting edge cachet long gone, its products easily replicated and improved, its flagship OS dumbed down for toys for tots. The fall has been long coming, and has nothing at all to do with any fiscal cliff.

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ConstFundie wrote:

MJGSimple, i am not surprised, and attribute that to market Monopolization and preferential treatment. I think you are correct, the bottom 50% have virtually no financial worth, less than 1% of the total. The garden is ever more shaded by magnificently trunked and leafed trees.

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