McGraw-Hill sells textbook unit to private equity

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stambo2001 wrote:

Reuters, this is a comment section. Is not a comment section for comments based upon the article? Is that not what I had done? Why delete the message if I am staying withing the rules? If I am violating the posting rules in any way, shape, or form should you not be issuing me a notice?

I stated that McGraw-Hill is the company that, for several generations now, has been responsible for publishing pretty much everything we are taught in school. Is this false or untrue? Go get one of your school books and see who published it.

I then stated that people should look at the Board of Directors of Apollo Global Management as the list of names is exceptionally telling. It IS very telling, no? It does ADD to the article by ‘fleshing’ it out a bit more, no? Is THAT the problem?

The fact that international bankers control what is published in our education system is of exceptional interest to some people, largely because not too long ago it was thought to be a conspiracy theory. The internet allows us to substantiate these things, but that’s perhaps a no-no to you propagandists that pretend to be journalists.

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