Toronto's combative mayor ordered to leave office

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rja-canada wrote:

This should serve as a good example of what happens when voters elect a so-called populist despite his obvious lack of understanding of what it takes to guide and govern a sophisticated urban city. This sad story was easily foretold. Ford is a suburban-centric councillor who in years in office never showed the aptitude required of a serious politician. Yet his single-minded low tax, cut (the gravy)budgets campaign seduced enough voters into thinking he had a plan better than the more astute candidates running against him. It turns out that he had no plan other than being a blowhard. If we are to ensure that our cities are thoughtfully and skillfully governed, we will need to take politics more seriously and fight the tendency to seek out simplistic answers to complex issues. And we will have to keep our knee jerk neagtivity about politians in check and begin to recognize that it takes skilled, dedicated and knowledgeable professionals to run governments. The days of Mr. Deeds Goes to Washington are behind us.

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Horscroft wrote:

If the reference is to a “fine’ imposed on him, it seems clear that in taking part in the debate and then voting there was a conflict of interest.

If the reference is to an order to repay the money the charities received as this breached the ‘code of conduct’ rules, the case is a bit murkier, as presumably he did not receive the money. That being the case, there would be a legitimate question as to whether he would benefit from a decision. Surely if the code of conduct rules were breached, the charities would have to repay the money, not the Mayor?

Nov 27, 2012 5:09pm EST  --  Report as abuse
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