Congo rebels say will withdraw from Goma

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BobNgong wrote:

The easiest way to handle this craziness from Rwandan’s hatred and jealousy against the Congolese people should be to take 10 or more aircraft fighter from France or Russia with monitoring radar for 5 days, or more, using surgical strikes of bomb on Kabila, Kagamé, Rwanda, and their rebels present on Congolese territory, as the world coalition armies did on Hitler’s Germany, in his time, and the lust and the fool gluttony of Rwanda will be over at a glance..

This is the common sense shown in the history. Kagamé-Kabila-Museveni, are killers of 7 million Congolese lives. Do you think that this is normal and still not enough? And these Rwandan Rebels “Tintins” manufactured by Kagamé, as he made AFDL, and presented Laurent Désire Kabila (a nationalist Congolese), as a rebellion from Congo. Unfortunately for this time, all the M23′s Kagara Karambizi Katera and Ruturatabaro , are from Rwanda.

By lack of wisdom, Kagamé creates M23. You see, the game is, one more time, repeated. Really, these guys should be ashamed of themselves for envying what belongs to the Congolese people. While Rwanda has nothing to give to his people (only dust and sand), the Congolese people and the DRC are not to blame for their lack of riches and poverty.

The vain envy and jealousy from Kabila-Kagamé and Rwanda, is really a shame. What hatred! Indeed, for almost 15 years already, the whole world is watching this without condemning these killers. So, don’t be surprised to see the Congolese people, who is already upright, using, like other people, the “guillotine” or the terrorism (even though they don’t like it), as a self-defense weapon? The Arab Spring did not warn anybody.
Remember this: The Congolese people is already upright! Don’t fool yourselves.

For your memory, remember also that the name of the Congolese president is Hypolite Kanambé. Like they used to lie all the time (Kagamé is the author of the genocide in Rwanda), they stole the Congolese identity when Kagamé conviced the late Laurent Désiré Kabila (from DR Congo), to present wrongly Kanambé, as his son. This guy finally killed the true Kabila, and some of the sons of this Congolese man. Folks, if you do not know the real history of Kabila-Kagamé in Congo, you will have compassion for them. That’s why they are doing ten million scenarios for false peace, to distract the world, by stealing, raping and still, there is no peace in DR Congo

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