Air strike on Syrian olive press kills, wounds dozens

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“Activist reports are difficult to verify as the government restricts access to foreign media outlets.”

Ahhh… no they are impossible to verify because they are 100% agenda driven statements. All journalists from their first day on the job know that when you get your information from opposition fighters and even worse, religious fanatics, the quality of that information is basically worthless.

The FAKE ‘observatory’, which is not a registered entity of any kind but merely an Islamist opposition website hosted by a single man with no journalism experience, (a front organization for militants):

1) Does not report soldiers killed by militants, until very recently.

2) Does not report civillians killed by militants, at all.

3) Does not report militants killed by soldiers.

But most importantly:

4) Reports all militants killed by soldiers as ‘civillians’, seeing as they have no status as combatants but are merely civillians who have picked up weapons – militants.

They are an Islamist propaganda front organization, and not recognized as a legitimate media organization by ANYONE!

That is why it is impossible to verify reuters… so you can stop the act now.

You lie like you breath air, compulsively.

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MetalHead8 wrote:

Another tradgey in Syria

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