Anger as Hungary far-right leader demands lists of Jews

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This is abhorrent. There is no possible way such a list could serve any good political means or ends.
This is some of the rawest anti-semitism I’ve seen sinche @stambo2001′s comment.

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dareconomics wrote:

Whenever times get tough in Europe, fascism becomes more popular. There is always a far right fringe present in European politics, but these people get bolder in the face of economic difficulties.

Their favorite groups to pick on are Jews, Gypsies and Immigrants, not necessarily in that order. Hungary is feeling the effects of the Eurocrisis and loose money policies implemented by the world’s central banks.

Hungary is currently experiencing a phenomenon known as stagflation, a recession coupled with high inflation. Hungarians are witnessing the slow, steady erosion of the forint’s purchasing power.

Marton Gyongyosi, a leader of the Far Right Jobbik party, called for a list of Jews to be drawn up. It doesn’t matter what the list is for. Once you start creating lists of Jews, you have joined a very infamous club.

Gyongyosi is attempting to take advantage of a decaying economic situation by stirring up antisemitism lurking below the calm, Hungarian facade. Fortunately, the rest of Hungary condemned his actions and his words.

As Europe sinks deeper into economic malaise, watch for these far right parties to continue making inroads into the mainstream.

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Foxdrake_360 wrote:

” ‘lists of Jews who pose a “national security risk’ ?”

Just like all those Palestinians who pose a security risk? Eh?

Just saying …

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Yowser wrote:

Dareconomics has got it right. The nation of Hungary, in central Europe, is under no material threat from, of all things, the Gaza conflict. The threat, if there is a real one, is from the nazi sympathizers. Has that nation forgotten WWII already? Lists are the first ugly step down a tortuous path that leads to an unspeakable end. All that is necessary for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing. Will someone please wake up over there?

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CochleaDoc wrote:

Ah yes, because the Gaza situation and the Holocaust are the same thing.
Idiots…just saying.

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CochleaDoc wrote:

Ah yes, because the Gaza situation and the Holocaust are the same thing.
Idiots…just saying.

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reality-again wrote:

Time for Hungary to join most countries in the civilized world, and adopt laws that would prohibit racism and antisemitism in any form, including suitable punishment of those who promote and practice them.

Foxdrake_360 and stambo2001 need to know that Muslim immigrants are the main target of European extreme right parties who happen to dislike Jews.

Like any country who needs to protect itself from terrorism, Israel has lists of members in Palestinian terror organizations. Those terror organizations are recognized as such by other Western countries, including the US.
Other terror organizations include the Iranian National Guard.

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Bagehot wrote:

1. Zionists have not called for the physical extermination of either Palestinians or Muslims from this planet.
2. The latest rocket exchange, yet again, was started by the Palestinians, or people working out of the Strip.
3.Israel does not put military installations or equipment in civilian neighborhoods, knowing full well that the innocent would otherwise become targets.
4. If Europeans can comfortably make these remarks, what does that say for the worth of Jewish life among (maybe most, not all )Palestinians?
The past is not forgotten.
It is not even past….

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mtglen wrote:

So once again the neo-Nazis rear their ugly faces,… I believe they called themselves the “Iron Cross” party when they dominated Romania during the 1930`s ? This is why it is so important for Israel to be strong , so as to protect and give a safe homeland for the Jews of the world from this type of hatred, that always seems to lurk inside the hearts of some so-called Christians. “It” Can apparently happen again, for this was how it got started in the 1930`s,

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grsdqqrgf wrote:

History has proven that facism is the direct result of desctructive leftist/communist politics. After the comminists destroy a country/culture with their openminded, tolerant progressive agenda, the facists usually take over and promote an ultra-nationalist culture.

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Ed57 wrote:

Too much made of the ramblings of a youngish 35yo would-be politician/nut.
He sounds like a bit of a racist but similiar people have existed in the U.S. and elsewhere without event. Sure its possible that he could start a movement but its unlikely if you look at all the crazies of the last 50 years very few have garnered enough support to cause widespread deaths. And its been 75 years since one actually suceeded in mobilizing the numbers needed to cause real damage. Education and exposure to all kinds of people is the answer. And Israel is not totally free of criticism here either: They go on about Hamas’s declaration to destroy Israel but meanwhile they continue to build “settlements” on disputed territory further inflaming the situation.

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