Anger as Hungary far-right leader demands lists of Jews

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1942.bill wrote:

It seems that, more and more often, that we are hearing the echo of Nazi Germany. Between that and the godless, savage Muslims, this world is becoming a very scarey place. God help us all.

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@1942.bill. Your mention of “godless, savage Muslims” is as racist as any Nazi belief and you should be ashamed of yourself if you are capable of it as you appear to be a racist through and through. God help you.

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Slammy wrote:

This is atrocious. I am glad Israel does draw up lists of Palestinians who are a threat to national security. Oh, wait, I think they do. No matter, it is OK for Israel to make such lists but nobody else should even think about it or they are racist, anti Semitic and a threat to world peace. Right?

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boreal wrote:

Who is the real racist Nazi today? Israel keeps it race pure, locks up/deports black refugees from Africa, deports non Jewish guest laborers’ kids who were born in Israel not to soil Israel’s imagined lily white innocent tribal purity. Then those savage Muslims locked up in Gaza Konzentrationslager – the largest open air prison camp in history – how they dare revolt against Zionist captivity!

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Adam_S wrote:

I lived in E Hungary for a year, which is kinda a stronghold for further right parties. This is honestly not that shocking. I got the impression it was more a tolerance thing and less an acceptance thing.

Not justifying, just saying I lived there, and I didn’t do a double take on this one.

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sidevalve56 wrote:

whateverforever i don’t think he meant law abiding muslims…before you jump his ass why don’t you sit back and think about what he could be talking about…maybe the torture of women, the beheading of live people, the suicide bombs…need i go on? I’m so tired of people getting demonized for just pointing out the truth…people need to get thicker skin, don’t be so sensative. Jumping on someone because you find the truth disturbing or offensive is just as bad as the accusations you say they are doing. The world is not a pretty place no matter how much you delude yourself…

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randburg100 wrote:

I think folk need to watch a programme called “Nazis – a warning from history”….but perhaps the real problem is that the human race has a VERY short memory…..and is essentially stupid!

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DeanMJackson wrote:

“The basic weapon in the Soviet political armory is the KGB with its 5 or 6 million secret agents inside the USSR. Together, the Party and the KGB have fabricated controlled political opposition in the main cities of the USSR and in the national Republics. Together they have chosen and trained the organizers, leaders and activists of the new ‘democratic’, ‘non-Communist’, ‘nationalist’ and ‘independent’ organizations which are mushrooming under the Soviet ‘multi-Party system’. Even non-democratic groups like the anti-Semitic ‘Pamyat’ movement are creatures of the regime.” — KGB Defector Major Anatoliy Golitsyn, “The Perestroika Deception”, September-November 1990, p. 123.

See where KGB defector Major Anatoliy Golitsyn warned, “Even non-democratic groups like the anti-Semitic ‘Pamyat’ movement are creatures of the regime.”

All Communist nations adopted the “Long-Range Policy” (LRP) in 1960 (the “new” Communist strategy to defeat the West), and Golitsyn used what he knew of the LRP (he assisted in formulating the LRP, which took place between 1958-1960) to predict with near 100% precision the future behaviors of the USSR/East Bloc, down to minute details that would have been impossible to predict unless Golitsyn was reading from the correct methodology he helped develop.

In his book Wedge – The Secret War between the FBI and CIA (Knopf, 1994), Mark Riebling stated that of 194 predictions made in “New Lies For Old”, 139 had been fulfilled by 1993, 9 seemed ‘clearly wrong’, and the other 46 were ‘not soon falsifiable’. 139 falsifiable predictions correct out of 148 means Golitsyn was 94% correct in his predictions of future USSR/East Bloc behaviors!

Among events correctly foreseen by Golitsyn: “the return to power of Dubcek and his associates” in Czechoslovakia; the reemergence of Solidarity” and the formation of a “coalition government” in Poland; a newly “independent” regime in Romania; “economic reforms” in the USSR; and a Soviet repudiation of the Afghanistan invasion. -Golitsyn even envisioned that, with the “easing of immigration controls” by East Germany, “pressure could well grow for the solution of the German problem [by] some form of confederation between East and West,” with the result that “demolition of the Berlin Wall might even be contemplated.”

Why do you think the Russian “electorate” are only electing Soviet-era Communist Party Quislings for President?

If the collapse of the USSR had been legitimate, the following obligatory actions would have taken place, as they always take place after political revolutions (similar actions by the “freed” East Bloc populations would also have taken place):

(1) Immediately after the “collapse” of the USSR high-ranking present and “former” Communist Party members within the various Federal government civilian/military/intelligence branches of the post Soviet republics were never arrested in the interests of national security:

Since there was no conquest that liberated the USSR, it would have been up to the people themselves to conduct the arrests to ensure the continuity of the freed state.

(2) Lower level Communist Party members within the 15 governments of the post USSR would have been immediately fired in the interests of national security:

The hated low-ranking CPSU members at all levels of government, who for 74 years persecuted the 90% of the population who were non-Communist, would have been fired from government positions, especially education. The freed Soviet public would then have requested assistance from the West to ensure critical services remained on-line until enough qualified freed Soviets could fill those positions.

(3) the Russian electorate these last 21 years have inexplicably only been electing for President and Prime Minister Soviet era Communist Party Quislings:

Presidents of Russia since 1991:

Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin – July 10, 1991 – December 31, 1999 – Communist.

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin – 31 December 1999 – 7 May 2000 (Acting) and May 7, 2000 – May 7, 2008 – Communist.

Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev – May 7, 2008 – May 7, 2012, during his studies at the University he joined the Communist Party.

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin – May 7, 2012 – Present, Communist:

Yeltsin and Putin would have been arrested in the interests of national security, while Medvedev would have been shunned by the newly freed Russians.

(4) there was no de-Communization program initiated after the “collapse” of the USSR to ferret out Soviet era Communist agents still in power:

The fact that there were no Allies in the freed USSR to carry out a de-Communization program, meant the freed Soviets would not only have had to take up that program themselves but ensure, unlike the German de-Nazification example in post war Germany, its effectiveness since:

(a) there was no occupation force to ensure the Communists weren’t still in power or could mount a violent comeback; and

(b) ) unlike the Nazis that persecuted minorities in Germany, and were not generally hated by the dominant society, in the USSR Communists were the hated minority who persecuted the majority.

(5) not one “crime against humanity” indictment of the thousands of criminals still alive who committed crimes on Soviet territory:

Even post Nazi Germany (West and East) convicted and imprisoned Nazi war criminals.

(6) the refusal of the Russian Navy to remove the hated Communist Red Star from the bows of vessels, and the refusal of the Russian Air Force to remove the Communist Red Star from the wings of Russian military aircraft, not to mention placing the hated Communist Red Star on all new Naval vessels and military aircraft:

To the ordinary Russian, the Communist Red Star was the symbol for the hated Communist regime that for 74 years persecuted the 90% of the nation who were non-Communist; and

(7) Lenin’s tomb still exists in Red Square:

Just as the people of Germany tore apart the Berlin Wall in 1989, so too the Russian people would have destroyed Lenin’s tomb on December 25, 1991. The 74-year persecution of the 90% non-Communist Russian population would have seen Lenin’s tomb destroyed.

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@1942bill: Calling muslims savages is a bit extreme, and offsensively racist. Man you are such a dumbass fool, no doubt that with jews like you around making such attrocious statements, there is bound to be anti-semetism in this world.
I have no doubt in my mind that one day beneath all this anti jewish resentment, it may boil over and maybe too late to stem it back. Unless the jewish community reaches out to others in a less condescending way.

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JL4 wrote:

This is scary, folks.

I’m just a Shiksa, but I make sure my passport is ALWAYS current. I hope the Jews of Hungary are in line for theirs as we speak.

I believe our Tea Party would love to make some lists of their own: atheists, Jews, Muslims, gays…

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Before you pass judgment on Marton Gyongyosi, consider that our treasonous unpatriotic Patriot Act proposed by an idiot of a President and signed by a majority of timid, israel-firster representatives overnight into “law” and which was drafted by the same ilk whom Gyongyosi is concerned about, allows this very same treatement to be leveled at any of us… covertly.

I have seen US soldiers in uniform who could not get on a flight because their name was on a no-fly list. Is yours?

Just one example of one of the same types of lists. We do it too, but not in the open. And if you think we don’t you have either been in a comma, or you are an imbecile.

Nov 27, 2012 4:50pm EST  --  Report as abuse

Part 2 – Therefore in light of what I see happening to our country in it’s “special relationship” with israel and how protecting this damn little sand dune stolen from Palestinians has cost us, and how israel has become sacrosanct in this country even when it spyies on us and bribes our politicians and corrupts our people etc, etc. Etc. I say GOD BLESS MARTON GYONGYOSI.

I can only hope and pray that we should have a politician like him in US representing the ordinary American people for a change instead of representing the “chosen people” of the terrorist illegal sand dune os israel.

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Brazilian1 wrote:

Marton Gyongyosi, a leader of Hungary’s third-strongest political party Jobbik, said the list was necessary because of heightened tensions following the brief conflict in Gaza and should include members of parliament.

But …

Many still try to convince themselves and the rest of the world that hatred of Israel has nothing to do with anti-semitic hatred.

This whole discussion is a big big proof that the two things are one and the same.

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msdds1 wrote:

Scary stuff. The Neo Nazis. Every nation should be afraid of this. It did not work well the first time. They did not bring Germany up, only down into the sewer.

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