U.S. declines to name China currency manipulator

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Neurochuck wrote:

Printing a lot of new money called Quantitative Easing, and pledges to keep interest rates very low may counteract deflation and help exporters and reduce a trade deficit and devalue bonds to be repaid/recycled, but is not currency manipulation.
If a lawyer says so, it must be true.
For a laugh at China to feel better, read this:

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Swingdaddy wrote:

Currency manipulator? Is that some new criminal charge? I have to laugh at this. The Fed has been counterfieting and money laundering for almost a hundred years now.

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Kyung wrote:

The puppet masters of currency manipulation are international banks and the wealthy US people invested in using foreign labor while stabbing their own nation in the back.
It started big with Japan and GATT in 1973. China is a late comer to that greed and betrayal game with the people of the USA as the losers.

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Pterosaur wrote:

The problem is that the standard for naming a “Currency Manipulator” can be arbitary. If China were named, so as Japan, Hong Kong, Korean, and the US itself too. And it will certainly trigger the trade war. So it’s like the nuclear bombs: it’s there, but using it will kill the other side and yourself as well.

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CountryPride wrote:

The US does not manipulate the dollar it debases it although that is still wrong. China however is a currency manipulator as evidence look at our record breaking $295 billion trade deficit with the ChiComs in 2011. China is destroying the US economy with this trade war on the US. China is signing agreements everyday with other countries so that they don’t have to use the US dollar in trade. Then these hundreds of billions of surplus dollars are now being used to buy Gold, our land and businesses for pennies on the dollar (now we are rewarding them with green cards for buying our country) and also they are buying our best university seats for their children which is stealing seats from our own citizens children. Then more and more you have Chinese spies entering these colleges and as the Chinese population continues to explode in the US you have those like Judy Chu, Grace Meng and others being elected to our government who still serve the interests of China not the US which not only will provide the path to continued relentless espionage of our technology but also they will continue to press to force the border doors to more legal and illegal immigration to gain numbers which will give them more power and enable more ChiComs to get elected to hijack our country.

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WastedHero wrote:

I think we decided not to call China a currency manipulator because it would be like the pot calling the kettle black.

At least the cognitive dissonance on behalf of our elected officials stops just short of the twilight zone.

Nov 29, 2012 9:39am EST  --  Report as abuse
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