Outrage at "Jewish list" call in Hungary parliament

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matthewslyman wrote:

> “Gyongyosi, 35, is a diplomat’s son who grew up in the Middle East and Asia. A graduate of Trinity College Dublin, he worked in Ireland for the accountants KPMG before becoming active in Jobbik in 2006.”
— So Gyongyosi is not the sort of person who often “mis-speaks”, accidentally saying something radically different to what he really meant. Having spent more than five minutes in Ireland, he will be fully aware of the ultimate consequences of radical nationalism (one of many prominent political movements there)…

> “MTI he said he would not resign and considered the matter “closed”.”
— i.e., he just doesn’t apprehend how offensive and dangerous his remarks are.

Is it by accident that the Jobbik logo is a distorted Hungarian flag with a “not equal to” symbol superimposed on it? i.e. (my interpretation of the symbology here), “We identify/oppose all peoples and movements who are not truly Hungarian!” That “not equal to” sign — did they intend it to be a stylized or peculiarly Hungarian Christian cross? Didn’t they anticipate this alternative meaning?

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sidevalve56 wrote:

lol just when the comments section gets interesting reuters clears it…way too much server side forum editing…I’m reading the BBC more…reuters is showing bias in more ways than story content now…

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matthewslyman wrote:

If I was in Hungary, I’d wear a yellow cross in protest at this, even though I’m not a Jew.

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aware wrote:

What a bias crap!!! Just because this guy is a patriot the media make him an antisemitic???? Jews have been penetrating foreign governments for decades, making them israeli proxies (US for example), and now one brave enough guy said it out loud, and they make a trash out of him???? Whatch out reuters you may be next one to fall…

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AdamSmith wrote:

In Israel, most official Israeli citizens are Jewish, of course.

There are, I think, a small number of Palestinians who have obtained Israeli citizenship.

My question is this: Are those Palestinians registered on a list?

I don’t know.

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Samrch wrote:

So it did not change it’s spots. I was part of the Axis.

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TimUpham wrote:

The Jewish presence in Hungary, was there before the Magyar arrived. It did not cause the Mongol takeover, in fact after the Mongols left, more Jews were invited to come to Hungary, to provide capital to rebuild it. It did not cause the Turkish takeover. It did not cause the Austrian takeover. It did not cause the suppression of the rebellion in 1848. It did not cause the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It did not cause the advent of Admiral Horthy, and his alliance with Nazi Germany. It did not cause the Soviet takeover, and the Soviet suppression of the 1956 uprising. Instead it caused the birth of Theodor Herzl, the great Dohany Street Synagogue, and after the 1956 uprising, the only yeshiva in the Communist Bloc. So what on Earth is this list suppose to prove? Besides paranoia and stupidity by the Jobbik Party. International sanctions may be needed against Hungary. In 1956, the Soviet Union was the bully, but now Hungary itself has become the bully.

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Norm204 wrote:

The hell with Europe and Europeans. They started WWI(14 million dead)and WWII(55 million dead, now just let them sink into their own mire of stupidity. Morons.

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scythe wrote:

@ Norm204 – the hungarian jews would like to thank you for your indifference. “morons” – that must have emptied your spelling list; you sound like a prozac-deficient desperate housewife

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CobiCreations wrote:

I cannot believe there are those on this road again! SHAME!!!!!

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CobiCreations wrote:

I cannot believe ANYONE can think this “okay” again!!!!! I am outraged as a Conservative Christian, and appalled that this has not made more news! Is the world going crazy? If so come quickly Messiah! I live in America, but as a young child I saw the ruins of one Concentration camp, that has NEVER left my consciousness, NEVER! God will not stand by, read His Word, He will NOT allow this again!!

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CobiCreations wrote:

God help us if we all this to happen once again! Shame!

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UauS wrote:

Read Andy Grove book, a Jew from Hungary, amazing person and one of the Intel founders and CEO.

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NorthStarMan wrote:

Whilst this latest missive is upsetting, it is not unexpected given that Eastern and Western Europe has always had a problem with it’s Jewish population, tolerated in some countries and overtly and covertly despised in others.

What is very disconcerting is that we allow genocide to continue unabated today, Darfur and Rwanda are but 2 examples. This is why the UN needs to do a heck of a lot more than it does today. Currently it stands for Useless Nogoods, sucking up an enormous budget to endlessly wine, dine and meet.

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Rational131 wrote:

Here we go again: the Europeans blaming the Jew for the problems they brought upon themselves. Europe: one big Balkan State.

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