Extreme weather calls for action, U.N. climate chief says

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Techboom wrote:

So if it’s greenhouse gases, then why are the other planets in our solar system getting warmer? There have always been warming and cooling cycles throughout the life of the system due to solar activity, and we cannot stop it no matter how many carbon taxes we pay. This tax a farce to dig deeper into our wallets. I am not saying man has no effect on the planet, I am saying that the sun has far more, and there isn’t a thing we can do about it through taxation.

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flower1 wrote:

“Many regions have faced extremes of droughts, floods and heatwaves.” Which regions?
“The number of cyclones worldwide was around normal but some, such as Sandy were especially devastating”. Not really, yeh it washed off houses seating right on the water and damaged roads and such but calling 200 people dead as devastating is too stupid. The last 2 tsunamis claimed close to 300,000 lives and wiping off towns after towns-that is devastating.
To one of my friends I said that deserts are ancient sea beds and he gave me a shocked look. Plus that Arctic had a rather mild climate mere 18000 yo and had a different ecosystem. I guess they are trying very hard to claim that tsunamis which have been most devastating actually connected to global warming, if only they could. All those pseudo scientists forget to mention that the warming is seen only in the Arctic and nowhere else. The ice melt is heavily influenced by warm currents. The colder water keeps sinking pushing the warm one up and further like a washing machine. Second, because colder air holds less water vapour than warmer air, in the Arctic, a greater fraction of any increase in radiation absorbed by the surface goes directly into warming the atmosphere.

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