Strong European support for Palestinian statehood move

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ErnestPayne wrote:

Good. Israel is circling an ever smaller group of wagons. If Canada gets rid of Harper that will be another wagon out of the circle. Certainly the Canadian people do not support Israel.

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Abulafiah wrote:

This is worrying Israel. If Palestine is given non-member status, it will give them a route to take Israel to the ICC to answer for their crimes.

This, of course, is why Britain is trading their supporting vote for Palestine’s agreement to forego ICC membership.

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0okm9ijn wrote:

If there were crimes committed, the world needs to know. To trade their membership in the United Nations with rights to access the World criminal court is misguided and dubious, at the very least. The World has folded her arms and watched as Israel perpetrate holocaust and systematic pogrom against the Palestinian people, and to negotiate the right to bring Israel to justice is to deny the World opportunity to learn from her inactions.

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rgbviews wrote:

A vote against the recognition of Palestinian statehood would be a vote for a 1 state solution, a solution that would mean the slow death of an apartheid Israel.

A vote for the recognition of Palestinian statehood will bring international civil law to the negotiating table, and levelling the playing field. Israel will not be able to trade with stolen property.

Ernest, you are correct. The vast majority of Canadians support the Palestinians and do not support the foreign policy of the current Canadian government. We will be embarrassed (once again) by our representative at the UN.

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boreal wrote:

“Israel and the United States have mooted withholding aid and tax revenue that the Palestinian government in the West Bank needs to survive. Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman has also viewed options that include bringing down Abbas.”
————— ————-
Would they go as far to assassinate Abbas, (something similar has happened before) and/or starve out West Bank and Gaza Konzentrationslager tenants?

If Israel is not guilty what they do/did with the Palestinians, then they should have no fear at all of the International Criminal Court. In fact they should make every effort to get there fast to prove their innocence once and for all.

On the other hand if they themselves know they are culprit than it is understandable England the US and Germany are mobilized to block Palestinian statehood at any cost. England’s and the US foreign policy decisions are high jacked by the Zionists. Germany for its biased role in WWII is suffering from collective shame; it is completely paralyzed by constant reminder of its guilt from branches of the misinformation industries and will do anything to please Israel.

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OzBolts wrote:

“This is worrying Israel. If Palestine is given non-member status, it will give them a route to take Israel to the ICC to answer for their crimes.”

And vice-versa?

Look, no one (of sound mind) wants to see the Palestinian people eradicated or oppressed- that’s just silly or insane.

But can we all look at the historical context of this conflict and say, without a shadow of a doubt, “Israel must pay”?

I think, despite the 2 state solution being best in the long run, a lot of people like to jump on the “hate Israel/root for the underdog” stance, without realizing that the “underdog” can be just as murderous and nasty as Israel.

Also, I think you all have way too much faith in the UN to this point. The organization is slowly descending into the invalidity of the League of Nations.

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Germany’s claim to support a two state solution and to vote against the motion in the UN, is completely ludicrous!

The German government is very well aware that Israel has made a two state solution impossible by inducing 500,000 of its citizens to illegally settle on Occupied Palestinian land. That was and is a deliberate pol;icy. How can the German government support illegal settlements? The British government condemns them as does the UN and most of Europe.

Looks like Germany, the US and Israel stand isolated against the rest of the international community. NOT a good place to be.

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bobber1956 wrote:

Of course they want to grant statehood, it is not their land they are carving up. That should be the condition-want them to have state hood give them YOUR land to do it. If not-shut up.

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rgbviews wrote:

The West simply doesn’t get it. They refuse to understand the ME cultures and they keep making threats and foreign policies based on Western cultures.

The Palestinians, Egyptians, Syrians, and Iranians do not worship money as is the practice in the West. They worship the principles of their faiths ….. quite simply justice.

So the West can take their economic threats and stuff them.

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bobber1956 wrote:

Nor does the West (US) appreciate the value of the land any longer. We did once, when our survival depended on it. For most muslims it is not the land any longer, it is the oil under the land (or the poppies growing on it). That is the West’s fault as well. As far as I am concerned we need to quit giving both sides weapons and let them settle it-once and for all. Whoever wins gets the land.

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sensi wrote:

Ah from the pitiful US “honest broker”/”peace nobel” and Canadian poodles, Britain hypocrisy at trying to shield from possible ICC prosecution the israeli numerous war criminals, Germany always siding with Israel because of their historian guilt: the number of amoral head of States and countries pandering to the israeli far-right, defending the land-grabbing statu quo and denying the Palestinians their long overdue legitimate rights is only a handful, ridiculed by almost the whole world.

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Any country that doesn’t support Palestinian statehood does so under executive duress. They do not represent their people in this matter, except maybe America and South Africa.. they represent only themselves.

The entire world is opposed to the oppression of the Palestinians, the entire world supports their statehood with only a tiny minority that don’t.

It has always been this way, just look at the vote count against Israel and for the Palestinians at the UN every time the US vetos for Israel.

It’s staggering how much support they have, but the US constantly blocks this support and the billionaire owned media such as reuters routinely omits this in favor of Israel.

It’s a scandal like no other…

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TheNewWorld wrote:


I disagree. I want to see Hamas eliminated. If Gaza wants them to be their ruling party, I want to see Gaza eliminated. What are we going to do next? Give Al Queda a nation?

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rgbviews wrote:

The vote at the UN should be a wake-up call to all Israeli voters. It will be a very strong indication of the world’s opposition to current Israeli government policies regarding the treatment of the Palestinians, colonization, and the theft of Palestinian natural resources in the West Bank and off-shore.

If the Israelis vote for the continuation of extremist policies under Netanyahu and Lieberman, then they will do their country great harm.

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Kailim wrote:


Hatred cannot make a better world. It can only make your life gloomy and leads to unnecessary conflict and violence. Consider the following points and you may feel better.

1)First of all, I don’t prefer violence absolutely. But have you tried to find out why Al Queda people have the resolution to carry out suicide attacks? Other than being idiots as you might think, is it because they feel hopeless and helpless under oppression? Honestly I don’t know the answer.

2)Are all muslims extremist and terrorist? I don’t think so. I therefore am against eliminating Gaza.

3)I am sad and hated that a few thousand innocent people got killed in the twin tower attack. Yet have you counted how many innocents got killed by the US foreign interventions?

4)What will you do if you were a Palestinian?

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Reuters1945 wrote:

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

That the majority of the world’s nations are against Israel is no surprise and nothing new. During the 1930′s as Hitler and his followers were on the rise, few nations expressed any desire to save or help the endangered Jews of Europe.

And throughout WW II itself, many European nations even went out of their way to help the invading German armies, identify, arrest, collect and then deport their Jews to Hitler’s Death Camps.

France, alone, put their various French police departments at the total disposal of Hitler to collect and deport over 50,000 French citizens because they happened to be Jews. And many other European countries did the same.

Just this year the Norwegian prime minister has apologized for the role his country played in deporting its own Jews. And so it went throughout Europe with only one or two exceptions in which a few nations attempted to save those citizens in their population who were members of the Jewish faith.

These historical facts cannot be refuted or denied and occurred years before the Jewish State of Israel even existed.

Likewise, no present day attempts at historical Revisionism can ever refute or deny that in 1947 the UN attempted some form of solution to the endless seemingly intractable problems of the Middle East by the implementation of the so-called Partition Plan which was intended to allocate the total land area of so-called “Palestine” equally, half to the Arabs and half to the Jews.

While the Jews immediately accepted the idea of trying to build a nation on just half of the total land area, the Arabs were not satisfied with controlling half the land. For the Arabs the idea of sharing any part of “Palestine”, however small, was still too much.

Thus, on the very day the State of Israel was born, all the surrounding Arab nations declared war and decided they would push all the Jews into the sea. The rest is history- whether one likes it or not and whether one accepts it or not.

It beggars the imagination that the State of Israel is expected to attempt to engage in any form of serious negotiation with Hamas, an organization, completely sworn to the total destruction of the State of Israel.

Thus, it is no surprise how the detractors of Israel dominate these comments. We have seen it all before- and in spades.

The Arabs/so-called “Palestinians” were offered fully half of the land mass that now comprises Israel, over sixty years ago. And they could have built a thriving, prosperous, modern nation on that land had they chosen to do so.

But the Arabs, in their greed and hatred for the Jewish people, were determined to have it all. They made a fatal choice in 1948, and made a long series of equally disastrous choices involving endless military adventures against Israel in the succeeding years.

They rolled the dice, not once, but over and over, and always lost.
It is often said that repeating the same behavior endlessly whilst still ending up with the exact same result is a clear indication and definition of insanity.

But one day, perhaps one hundred years from now, or it may take longer, the Arabs will finally understand the true meaning of a great Persian poet’s immortal lines:

The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám

Ghiyāth ad-Dīn Abu’l-Fatḥ ʿUmar ibn Ibrāhīm al-Khayyām Nīshāpūrī
(18 May 1048 – 4 December 1131)

Translated by Edward Fitzgerald

The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ,

–Moves on: nor all thy Piety nor Wit,

Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line,

–Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it.


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rgbviews wrote:

I am really tired of being lectured on Jewish versions of history and expressions derived from a persecution complex that seems to have no end. I am also tired of racial slurs and the constant attempts to demonize peoples who have opposing views.

I suggest you focus on present day problems and start contributing to their solutions. Attempts to divert attention are not welcome, and are suspect in motive.

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History will judge US and others that vote NO at the UN this nonsense has gone on to long and must come to a conclussion Israel should be held accountible for any attrocities they have perpetrated on the palestinian people for over 5 decades of occupation.
They persue holocaust criminals that are over 97 years so when the shoe is on the other foot, It hurts does it?
Every civil minded UK citizen should be appaled at their goverments decision to put conditions on their (palestinian) membership to UN.

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rgbviews wrote:

Aside from Israel’s “no” vote, I doubt that there will be any other “no” vote backed by a majority of the public …. certainly not Canada’s.

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Reuters1945 wrote:


You appear to be suggesting that my comment/s herein reflect a “version of history” as opposed to irrefutable historical facts.

Please be specific in pointing out anything included in my comment that is a “version” of history as opposed to verifiable historical factual information.

The concept of gravity, for example is NOT a “version” of observable science but instead a well recognized and accepted scientific fact.

You said: “Attempts to divert attention are not welcome”.

I could not agree more so why are you engaging in exactly that type of behavior. Why don’t you stick to citing historical facts and leave your emotions out of this debate.

If you believe you can dispute or refute something I or anyone else has said please do so by citing historical facts and your sources if you believe you can do so.

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rgbviews wrote:

I’m sure your history is perfectly correct, but cherry-picked. But more to the point, I don’t see anyone’s basket of cherries as being helpful in solving the problem.

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AnandaMayi wrote:

You really do talk a lot of rubbish you know.
Nobody is against Israel, everybody is against zionism which is nobody’s friend, yours – whatever you may be, Jewish, or anybody else’s. Look at the map of ME from 1967 and look at it now, how dare you open you mouth. 600.000 Israelis are living on Palestinian land, those settlements are illegal, which part of that do you not understand. I am not Muslim, Jewish or Christian for that matter but it bothers the hell out of me when I keep hearing b.s. about ‘dialogue’ and ‘talks’ meaning endless lies and empty promises while the only thing that changes is the size of illegal settlements. Every evil in the world came to an end so will American and Israel’s. 130 countries in the world support Palestinian state, who is left? USA, UK and Israel – the root of all evil in the world and of course Germany redeeming itself for the WW2.

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hariknaidu wrote:

EU has supported and financed PLA since its political recognition; since 1967 War, EU has supported recognition of Palestine, as a State. Without EU annual budget support, PLA couldn’t survive Israeli blockades and interruption of its legitimate customs income (which Israel collects!).

Sweden and rest of Scandinavia will vote for UN Resolution; Germany will abstain; France is voting for it along with others.

Israeli problem is ICC…and UK Tories are playing a blocking tackle for US and Israel.

After 120-130 sovereign nation-states vote for Palestine, neither US nor Israel will have a face to save in future developments of PLA into a sovereign State.

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