Palestinians win de facto U.N. recognition of sovereign state

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McBob08 wrote:

I really hope Palestine joins the ICC. The Israeli-Palestinian Apartheid has resulted in multiple war crimes and crimes against humanity by Israel. They need someone to step in and make them stop, because Israel has proven that they’re too immature, too juvenile to control themselves.

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fromthecenter wrote:

The whole world see’s this as the just and right thing to do…. So why don’t we?

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US1st wrote:

Finally … Long overdue !! Now maybe the Middle East can have some satisfaction and peace could finally be achieved. Good job UN.. Too bad US was not leading this & on board!

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Anthonykovic wrote:

A distinction needs to be made between what is a “nation” and what is an unpopular leadership.

Denying nationhood to the Palestinian people because the US and Israel don’t like Hamas doesn’t make sense. Numerous member nations in the UN are repressive dictatorships run by despicable despots. There is no reason that “Palestine” should be treated any differently from North Korea, Communist Cuba, Angola, Congo, Sudan or Syria – all of whom are members of the UN.

True peace will come the day that Israelis and Palestinians can live happily side by side as friendly neighbouring states.

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UauS wrote:

“Sixty-five years ago on this day, the United Nations General Assembly adopted resolution 181, which… became the birth certificate for Israel,” says Abbas.

“Israel Has No Right to Exist,” says Hamas.

So which “sovereign state of Palestine” did the U.N. General Assembly overwhelmingly approve?..

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JackVigdor wrote:

There never was a historical country called Palestine. The so called Palestnians are really Jews who remained in the Land of Israel after the Romans conquered and o copied Israel in 70ce and 135 CE, and who then were forced to convert to Islam in the 700 hundreds after the Arabs and other Muslims invaded Israel.

The real criminals against humanity are the Muslims who spread from Arabia and forced other people in the former Roamn lands to convert.

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OmarMinyawi wrote:

Abbas and Hamas were smart and skillful lately. USA and Israeli response was not as smart.

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bates148 wrote:

I really hope Palestine becomes its own state. Then, when their terrorists fire missiles into Israel, they will be destroyed and conquered. There will no more argument for statehood.

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boreal wrote:

Netanyahu said: “….Thursday’s resolution (is)… ‘meaningless’.”

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called the vote “unfortunate and counterproductive”…..

Susan Rice: “The Palestinian people will wake up tomorrow and find that little about their lives has changed…..”

From afar it seems opponents to the Palestinians statehood aspiration sang from the same page of the Zionist psalm book.

If statehood desire of the Palestinians is so trifle while practically the whole world granting it at the UN; but looking through Israeli made myopic glasses the process for them seems so meaningless, then how come both Israel and the US are so upset about it?

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amorpheous wrote:

The world is waking up to Israel’s injustice and it’s oppression of the Palestinian people, and the tide has turned. Israel would be wise to vote Netanyahu out of office so that peace is possible now that it’s clear the world is supporting Palestine’s quest for peace and freedom.

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Reuters1945 wrote:

Re: Palestinians win de facto U.N. recognition of sovereign state.

But where is the word- “Again” ???

Whatever is Old – is suddenly New !
You cannot make these things up- not even in your wildest dreams.

The same UN that has just given almost Universal support to the Palestinian cause of Statehood, already gave the Palestinians their own State, on a Silver Platter in 1947, which they were begged to accept without the need to fire a single rocket or so much as a single bullet.

It was called the UN “Partition Plan” of 1947 and all the Member nations of the United Nations were in full support.

This “Partition Plan”, intended to take affect as soon as the British vacated the region, divided all the land of British Mandate Palestine into two, roughly equal in size areas. The country was purposely subdivided NOT with a straight line across the middle but into irregularly shaped large land masses to take into account the demographics of the different population centers. This map formula, it was hoped, would also discourage future wars.

But, most importantly, the UN was careful to make sure that both the Arabs and the Jews would each own and control a full 50 per cent of the total available land in British Mandate Palestine to create their own fully and legally independent nations.

The entire Membership of the UN were convinced this was the last, best solution to end all the acrimony and the endless, senseless bloodshed.

The UN voted and the Jews of Palestine accepted the UN decision to divide the country 50 % to the Arabs and 50 % to the Jews.

On the day in 1948 that the Jews declared themselves the free and independent State of Israel, the Palestinians could likewise, have declared their UN allocated 50 % portion of the country, the free and independent State of Palestine.

But not satisfied that the UN did not award the Arabs 100 percent of British Mandate Palestine, all the Arab countries surrounding Palestine immediately declared total war on the Jews, vowing to drive them into the sea.

The rest as they say is History.

Bravo and bravo encore to “bmweeks” and the few other rare readers of Reuters who have the decency, integrity and uncommon courage and honesty to stick to the easily verifiable facts of Middle East history.

If the latest sentiments expressed by the present day Members of the United Nations provides any happiness and/or comfort to the present day Palestinians, then I have no wish to diminish their new found happiness in any manner, shape or form. I sincerely wish them well.

All people on this Earth have a right to feel free, safe and secure within their own borders.

It is one of the great tragedies of history that the same UN that just voted in favor of Palestinian aspirations, previously voted in 1947 to award the Palestinians fully half of the geographical land area of present day Israel- and without the loss of a single Arab or Jewish life.

How very sad and indeed tragic that the Arabs refused to accept what the UN was in a position to offer the Palestinians in 1947, an offer which the Jews of Palestine were fully prepared to accept in order to finally achieve peace in the country and end the senseless never ending deaths on all sides.

Now, over 60 years later, and after all the endless Middle East wars the UN is no longer in a position to repeat the offer they voted for in 1947. That boat has sailed and that train has left the station.

The commentator who stated that the Palestinians have repeatedly accepted Israel’s right to exist should feel ashamed at his abysmal ignorance of the primary facts in the Middle East.

It is one of the Sworn foundations of the Hamas Charter, as the entire world is well aware and knows too well, that Hamas will never accept the right of Israel to exist. Hamas is Sworn to the total destruction of the Jews of the State of Israel. Hamas has openly declared that as a fact and one of the most deep rooted goals of Hamas.

I rather doubt these words will alter the opinions of any Reuters reader. Hatred for Israel is so deeply engrained in most of those who post here, that it is not likely that they will ever allow incontrovertible facts to get in the way of their prejudices, whether against Jews in general, or against inconvenient historical facts that contradict their mistaken world view/s pertaining to the history of the Middle East- more is the pity.

I wish to again express heartfelt thanks and deep appreciation to those readers of Reuters News, such as “bmweeks” et al, who are willing to engage in an honest dialogue where historical facts do matter and where the search for truth is taken as a sacred mission and distortion of historical facts seen as a sin.

Finally, how few people in the world, whether in Gaza, Europe or anyplace else today, know or care to remember that the vote just announced by the UN to recognize a State of Palestine is simply a repeat of something that same UN granted to the Palestinians in 1947 but which was refused by the Arab nations out of turn.

But this time around the United Nations is not in a position to also offer the Palestinians fully half of the land area of what was once referred to as British Mandate Palestine.

What the United Nations voted for in 1947, and tried its best to freely give to the Palestinians in 1947, was summarily refused by them.

Now that offer by the UN is more than a distant memory.

Indeed, most tragically, most present day observers of the Middle East, are not even aware it ever happened at all.

You cannot make these things up. Why would you wish to ?

And perhaps most ironically of all, indelibly engraved in the Marble walls outside that same UN, carved into the stone as a permanent reminder lest anyone be so foolish as to forget, are those immortal words of the great French philosopher, George Santayana, which are surely worth repeating here:

“Those who do not study History, are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past”.


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VS87 wrote:

The issue at hand Reuters1945, and one that has plagued this debate for years, is refusal on both sides to accept or accomodate the possibility of a shift in attitudes and tempers. Those who sympathize with the Palestinian cause are regularly dubbed Anti-Semites while those on the other side of the fence prattle on about how the Palestinian people’s only goal is to destroy Israel. This is not a permanent dynamic, and can be affected for the best of both peoples.

Hamas is the result of years of conflict, bloodshed and broken dreams – and it is common fact that desperation breeds extremism (you ought to know this being a dilligent observer of history). As a result of this extremism, there are elements of the populace in Palestine that may sympathize with Hamas cause – however, it would be wrong to paint an entire people with the same brush and deny them the right to self-determination based on Hamas’ charter alone. Even in apartheid-era South Africa, terrorist acts were committed against whites and yet the prevailing sentiment was that despite this, it was not morally justifiable to keep people of colour living under the conditions they were subjected to.

The solution to this conflict will not be realized militarily – but through legitimacy. By giving the Palestinian people a voice and an international forum in which to exercise it, a table at which both parties can negotiate on perfectly equal terms (without pre-conditions) can be arranged, and progress in peace-talks be achieved.

When desperation is mitigated or removed altogether from the equation, conflict will shift from the streets of Gaza to negotiating tables in New York – stamping out desperation will render organizations such as Hamas entirely superfluous for when the basic needs and living conditions of the Palestinian people are met, and progress is experienced first hand and kept alive in the public mindset, the desire to attach your neighbour will suddenly seem like a pointless act.

I believe that both peoples can co-exist peacefully side by side, and that baiting both sides with extremism and hatred needs to stop – legitimacy at this point will hopefully bring more progress than has previously been achieved through other means.

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People those who think US is averse to the Palestinians observer’s status is not at all proper and true as majority Americans are happy with the Palestine’s victory. US means the population not only the government.

As far as the US government is considered it has certain political congressional obligations that controls the country’s apparatus running the country’s affairs that wants to participate in sorting out and arrive at a final status of Independence of both Palestine and Israel once for all.

The time has come to solve the dispute finally for a sustainable peace in the Mid-East. Over and above without the solution of the dispute, Mid East may turn out to be the place of another Holocaust of all race and religion this time. If the dispute is solved then the world peace would return back.

After having stated the above no further elucidation is necessary for the readers to draw the conclusion easily.

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MacMan wrote:

It is sad to see the US go to bat for Israel again, against its own national interests.

Netanyahu is just like G.W. Bush, pandering to the religious and the nationalistic, while doing long-term damage to the interests of everyone else.

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Abulafiah wrote:

JackVigdor wrote:
“There never was a historical country called Palestine.”

Then why is it on this historic map? ->

And on this one – but notice how Israel isn’t? ->

And on this one from 1600 – but notice how Israel isn’t? ->

And on this one from 1845 – but notice how Israel isn’t? ->

And this one from 1924 – but notice how Israel isn’t? ->

If there is any country that has no historical existence, it is Israel. It stopped existing in 750BC, and didn’t exist for the following 2,700 years or so until it was recreated in 1948.

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Reuters1945 wrote:


Your remarks reflect a good deal of both understanding and wisdom.
It would be wonderful if the things you suggest could come to pass.

Unfortunately, as long as Palestinian children are bombarded with books, cartoons, and children’s TV programs demonizing Jews as blood thirsty monsters and Palestinian suicide bombers as glorious heroes and heroines, your hopes do not have much of a chance of materializing any time soon. This indoctrination of the Palestinian young to be filled with hatred for Jews is one of the core problems which is holding back any chances of the progress you hope to see come to pass.

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Reuters1945 wrote:


You have asked these same questions before.

Perhaps this comment left by another Reuters reader named “bmweeks” will help answer your confusion regarding names and maps.

Please read previous comment of “bmweeks” below.

bmweeks wrote:

People really should brush up on their Jewish/Palestinian history.

“The commonly used name of Palestine today refers to that region of the eastern Mediterranean coast from the sea to the Jordan valley and from the southern Negev desert to the Galilee Lake region in the North. The word itself is derived from “Plesheth”, or “Philistine”. Plesheth, (root palash) was a general term meaning rolling or migratory. The ancient Philistines were not Arabs, nor even Semites, but were most closely related to the ancient Greeks originating from Asia Minor. The word Palestine (or Palestina) originally identified the region as “the land of the Philistines,” a war-like tribe that inhabited much of the region alongside the Hebrew people. But the older name from antiquity for this region was not Palestine, but Canaan, and it is the term most used in the Old Testament regarding this particular parcel of land.
The Amarna Letters (an advanced art of ancient Canaanite writing) of the 14th century BC referred to “the land of Canaan,” applying the term to the coastal region inhabited by the Phoenicians. The Canaanites had many tiny city-states, each one at times independent and at times a vassal of an Egyptian or Hittite king. The Canaanites never united into a state. The history of Palestine is complicated by the many different cultures and civilizations that have flourished in the region.”

Geographically and historically speaking, Jordan occupies much of this land, not Israel. Palestinians should be asking for land from Jordan if they want their true historical lands. It is interesting to me that we keep discussing the Palestinian race when there is no such thing up until MODERN times after Israel was formed, where as the Jewish race (not religion) has been historically documented to this region. Palestinians are a group of diverse cultures that now identify with Arab ancestry even though their roots are a conglomerate of other races and cultures from regions all over the Mediteranian, mainly Greece (yes mainly Greece and Phoenecia).
The notion of a modern distinct “Palestinian people” with a language, culture and nationality of its own, is a creation of Yasser Arafat and his notorious PLO, in unison with the Arab League, and nurtured by the surrounding Arab nations and world media, after the ignominious Arab defeat in the 1967 war with Israel. The modern so-called “Palestinian people” are, in reality, a mixture of Arabs whose mother tongue is Arabic, whose religion is Islam, and whose culture is shared by most of the 22 surrounding Arab countries.
The name “Palestine” is the Romanized version of “Philistine,” which was assigned, by the Romans to the region in the first century AD. It was a derogatory and humiliating term imposed by the Romans on the Jews, who constituted the vast majority of the people who lived there. Rome forced on the Jews and their land the name of an arch enemy of the Jews, the Philistines. Rome even went so far as to rename Jerusalem, Aelia Capitolina. Thus, the name Palestine came into prominence and remained attached to the region until the end of the British Mandate period in 1947. However, Jews have always considered the land their homeland and Jerusalem its capital. In addition, the land was never without as many Jews as the governing power would allow.

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Naksuthin wrote:

60 years ago black people in the US couldn’t eat in the same restaurant as white people. They couldn’t live
in white neighborhoods, go to white schools, drink from white drinking fountains, sit side by side on the same bus.

Today blacks and whites in the US have learned to work and live together side by side in peace. Even electing a black President .

Meanwhile in Israel a childish schoolyard feud between Jews and Palestinians has been going on for well over 60 years, too.

Yet Jews and Palestinians are no closer to living side by side in peace today than they were 60 years ago.

During those 60 years Apartheid in South Africa ended; Communists and Capitalists figured out a way to co-exists and cooperate; the IRA ended its bloody war in Ireland; America and Communist Vietnam buried their differences and now share diplomatic and trade relations.
Today Russians coexist peacefully with Germans even though the Germans killed 13-20 million Russians during World War II; Native American Indians coexist peacefully with the same white people that robbed them of their lands and forced them to live in concentration camps. Even Israel is now strong allies with Germany…a country that institutionalize the extermination of 6 million Jews.

People across the globe have learned to put aside their differences. They have learned that there is more to be gained by working together than fighting against each other.

Only the the Jews and the Palestinians, continue their decades old feud of self-righteous hatred and revenge.

If Jews and Palestinians aren’t intelligent enough to find a non violent, less destructive way to live in peace…like everyone else…maybe they should be left to bomb each
other for another 60 years or until nothing is left in Israel and Gaza but of rubble and dead bodies.

Obstinate Stupidity has a price.

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AlexVallas wrote:

The US and Israel have stated the Palestinians should not have requested the vote and any resolution to establish a Palestinian State should be through negotiations with Israel. Well, that has not worked for generations. The Palestinians have every right to expect Israel to cease from building settlements in occupied lands while at the negotiation table. Likewise, the Israelis should expect the Palestinians to cease from firing rockets into Israel. While I don’t condone killing by either side, I can understand why the Palestinians are firing rockets — the are fighting a harsh occupier. Both sides need to get their act together to resolve this issue which has been a thorn in the side of all countries in the Middle East.

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Abulafiah wrote:


Your idol bmweeks is factually wrong, and really should brush up on his Jewish/Palestinian history, because all he is doing is parroting Israeli propaganda.

1) The first known use of the name Palestine is by the Egyptians – Peleset or similar – under Ramesses IV, about 1150BCE – long before the Romans.

2) The Egyptian name is used in the Hebrew Old Testament as Peleshet.

3) Your idol doesn’t know the difference between a people and a land. The area Canaan contained the Philistine Pentapolis.

4) The ‘Palestine’ name was used by the Greek Herodotus in the 5th Century BC, and Aristotle in the 4th Century BCE.

Worse, most of what he says is irrelevant:

5) Whatever the origin of the name, the fact remains that Peleset/Peleshet/Palestine has an identity going bake to at least 1150BCE.

6) It is irrelevant that “Jordan occupies much of this land”. Palestine existed, even if it was a different shape. Most 21st century states (if not all) differ from their origins 3,000 years ago.

In contrast, Israel *did not exist* between 750BCE and 1948, but I notice that you completely ignore that inconvenient fact.

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IndigoWarrior wrote:

It’s about time this happened. It’s sick how the UN just sat back and allowed all the killing and are just NOW stepping forward to recognize them as a state.

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Pullum wrote:

Palestine is itself a 2 Part entity. The West Bank is governed by Abbas and Gaza by Hamas. This Pakistan and Bangladesh redux. But,then, the UN is prone to recognizing any place where 2 or more are gathered. see the Balkans.

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EvilAxis wrote:

@Abdulfiah……The palestinians are a made up people….Might as well just make one nation of the Arab horde…..the only difference between states should be what version of Islam you follow because that is all you people care about. Muslims care nothing for their palestinian brothers….If they did this would have been solved long ago. The Arabs enjoy palestinian suffering as it serves their agenda, which is to distract their own people from how utterly disgraceful their own leaders are…….The people of the middle east are a culture of death. They would rather see the Palestinian children be killed than to advocate a reasonable solution……here’s to another 50 years of death, praise be upon you.

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MetalHead8 wrote:

Good for the Palestians

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derdutchman wrote:

@fromthecenter, perhaps because we are not so easily fooled? Nothing in this action requires the one thing that has any hope of resolving the ultimate problem of Palestinians and Israelis living in harmony side by side, neither fearing attack from the other, namely, sitting down together and hashing out their differences to fashion an agreement to make that happen. In essence, this action sells out both Palestinian and Israeli dreams of ever seeing that day in return for making them go away and leave us to more important matters, like Greece and the euro. That is neither just nor right.

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Abulafiah wrote:

EvilAxis wrote:
“@Abdulfiah……The palestinians are a made up people”

Maybe, but they were made up over 3,000 years ago which beats the Israelis, who were made up in 1948.

EvilAxis wrote:
“The people of the middle east are a culture of death.”

Which ME country is doing the most killing? I know won’t answer that.

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EvilAxis wrote:

@ Abdulfiah……..The idea of state and nation is alien to the middle east….their are no loyalties but tribe and religious affiliation…..The idea that the Palestinians have been this homogeneous group that have lived in Israel for thousands of years is laughable and rejected by all known evidence…..

There will never be a one palestinian state in the land of Israel……but I hope tha you are willing to burn another 100,000 of your people in pursuit of that goal…I understand why you guys hate the Israelis so much. It has nothing to do with land etc….simply you despise them because they dont share your primitive belief system….Christians, Jews, it doesnt matter all non-Muslims must be cleansed in the name of allah.

As for which ME country is doing the most killing…..that’s easy Syria……lol……The jihad VS Jihad…..Which Jihad will be successfull…..Hey maybe if the palestinian question they can go back to doing what the Muslims do best, butchering each other.

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Why are Israel & the US against this vote? I’ll tell you why: It’s not because of last dispute (with the exception of Eat Jerusalem) it’s because they refuse to encourage the vermin who seem to control Palestine.
The more we let Hamas or the Fatach have, the more they will be convinced they are doing the right thing.

What’s horrifically ironic is that those who attempt to delegitimize Israel by claiming an invalidation of its existence by UN vote are now given a UN vote and see it as the official recognition by the world of its statehood.

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totherepublic wrote:

The UN just started a war-period. They are going to start another one when they and obama come to the US to impose gun control. That will be the end of the UN.

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Grant_X wrote:

Unlike in WWII, the US is on the wrong side of history with this one.

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totherepublic wrote:

One cannot stand on the side of something that has not been written yet. The US pulled an entire race of people from the brink of genocide, help them restore their dignity, honor and home. To not stand with them and help them preserve it would be hypocritical and against everything honorable. Once again it is Israel that is being attacked, they are not the aggressor. If you had a clue what the fall of Israel really means then you perhaps would not be so flippant and dramatic with your ignorant comments. The outcome will be the downfall of all those supporting the effort to once again “wipe them from the face of the earth”. And even now the UN supports that? That book has in fact been written-but somehow I doubt you have read it. There are larger forces at work here than some petty world government. Even the palestinians know that. allah will ultimately lose.

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DeanMJackson wrote:

The article reads, ‘”Sixty-five years ago on this day, the United Nations General Assembly adopted resolution 181, which partitioned the land of historic Palestine into two states and became the birth certificate for Israel,” Abbas told the assembly after receiving a standing ovation.”‘

Pardon me, Mr. Abbas, but resolution 181 was:

(1) a non-binding resolution adopted 29 November 1947 that did not give birth to Israel. Israel’s birth was May 14, 1948. Remember that date? The next day Arab armies invaded Israel to destroy that new state that you claim Resolution 181 was the “birth certificate for [Israel]“;

(2) moot due to the still legally binding Palestine Mandate of 1922, which the United Nations has no legal choice but to affirm until Israel says otherwise; and

(3) rejected by Arab governments.

In fact, when Arab governments controlled the West Bank and Gaza between 1948 – 1967, they thumbed their noses at Resolution 181. Do you know why? Well, beginning in 1963, this is why:

Firstly, the term “Palestinian” was a national designation given to the inhabitants of the Jewish Homeland in 1922. Other than that, it had no ethnic/intrinsic nationalist* value, which is why the territory was re-named Israel on May 14, 1948 when the Jews declared independence.

Secondly, Arab governments resurrected the defunct “Palestinian” name in 1964 (at the first Arab League summit in Cairo, Egypt, where the PLO was officially created and launched) when they were forced to alter their strategy towards Israel, because Israel in 1963 had either tested their first nuclear bomb or actually acquired their first nuclear bomb.**

This brings us to the Six-Day War, which was planned (with the cooperation of the USSR) to be lost by Arab governments, so as to operationalize the Arab governments’ proxy strategy, using the newly-minted “Palestinians”.

Note that Arab governments never did create an “Arab” state for West Bank/Gaza inhabitants between 1948 – 1963, nor a “Palestinian” state (when “Arabs” was changed to “Palestinians”) between 1964 – May 1967.

The next phase of the Arab governments’ Long-Range Strategy will be to have Arabs in the West Bank and Gaza renounce their claim for an independent state and opt to become Israeli citizens instead, which is what they are according to the Palestine Mandate of 1922. When one throws in Arabs living in the refugee camps, the Jewish inhabitants of Israel will be electorally out-voted, leading to the reincorporation of the territory that is now Israel back into the Arab fold.

There is, however, one tactic that Israel will use to thwart the “new” Arab governments’ Long-Range Strategy:

Israel’s counter-strategy to offset the looming Arab electoral majority will be to offer Jews living all over the world automatic Israeli citizenship, thereby conferring the right to vote in Israeli elections, swinging the electoral balance back overwhelmingly to the Jewish side.

Contemporaneous with events described above, watch for the fake “collapse” of the Chinese Communist government (following the last major Communist disinformation operation: The fraudulent collapse of the USSR. Both disinformation operations fall under the “Long-Range Policy”, the “new” strategy all Communist nations signed onto in 1960 to defeat the West.), when soon after that “collapse” Mexico will request the “assistance” of Chinese troops in combating the then spreading Mexico City-manufactured “drug wars” there. America, however, will be stymied from preventing the presence of Chinese troops in Mexico due to emergencies that will “suddenly” crop up in the Korean peninsula, the Balkans, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.
*”The First Congress of Muslim-Christian Associations (in Jerusalem, February 1919), which met for the purpose of selecting a Palestinian Arab representative for the Paris Peace Conference, adopted the following resolution: “We consider Palestine as part of Arab Syria, as it has never been separated from it at any time. We are connected with it by national, religious, linguistic, natural, economic and geographical bonds.”[60]” – Wikipedia, “Palestinian People”.


“An all-Palestine Congress was held in Jerusalem between January 27 and February 10, 1919, to formulate a common policy, called “program”, on Palestine to advise Faisal while attending the Paris Peace Conference on behalf of the Arabs. The Jerusalem Congress was presided over by ‘Aref Pasha al-Dajani who was, at the time, the president of the Jerusalem branch of the Muslim-Christian Association mentioned earlier. (Representatives of the Association also attended the General Syrian Congress in Damascus.)(8)

The Jerusalem Congress, resolved to reject political Zionism and to accept British assistance on condition such assistance would not impinge upon Sovereignty in Palestine.(9) Basically, the Congress wanted Palestine to be part of an independent Syrian State to be governed by Faisal of the Hashemite family. It also preferred U.S. political tutelage, should this be necessary, or British tutelage, as a second choice, but under no circumstances would the Congress accept French political guardianship.” – PALESTINE: FACTIONALISM IN THE NATIONAL MOVEMENT (1919 – 1939), DR. MANUEL HASSASSIAN.

Note that DR. MANUEL HASSASSIAN inadvertently admits to the lie of the “distinct Palestinian People” when he writes, “Basically, the Congress wanted Palestine to be part of an independent Syrian State to be governed by Faisal of the Hashemite family.”

In these consultations between Arab elites of Palestine circa 1919-1920, there was NO mention of the “distinct ethnic Palestinian people”. They referred to themselves as Syrian, Arab.

** Note: Arab governments held their first Arab League summit the very year after Israel’s reputed first test (or acquisition) of a nuclear bomb. The summit was necessary in order to implement a new Pan Arab government “Long-Range Strategy” towards Israel.

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Cranberries wrote:

@ Abdulfiah Might makes right. Your people are the losers and always will be because you cant get rid of your silly backways allah snackbar culture and bring it into the modern age. you people havent produced a new technology in nearly 1000 years for the love of humanity. The world should just bomb you, you contribute nothing to society or the human race. The middle east and your struggles and killings are but an example. Go kill some more people over another stupid 3rd rate video like the rest of your comrades.

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ajmccy wrote:

It’s a pity the Republican party so clearly favors Israel and the US Ambassador the the Rice wants to be Secretary of State. The US response might have been less harsh. The human rights abuse and the disproportionality of the Israeli response is beyond reasoning. i hope this recognition will enable them to discuss and negotiate at a more equal level.

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EchoTony wrote:

Wasn’t Palestine recogized by the UN in 1947/1948, and they chose to start a war instead of making a country?

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gunste wrote:

High time to deal a setback to Israel for their ignoring multiple UN resolutions and requests from US Presidents to quit building in the West Bank which is not their territory.
Imaging that Mexico wanted authority over all enclaves in the US where their citizens have settled.
The Israeli right wing would expel all Palestinians, except for the history of the Holocaust. ‘NEVER AGAIN” IS Israel’s motto, but they don’t want to apply it to their neighbor.

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DeanMJackson wrote:

EchoTony asks, “Wasn’t Palestine recogized by the UN in 1947/1948, and they chose to start a war instead of making a country?”

Palestine was created in 1922 as the Jewish Homeland. The British were assigned as the administrative occupying power (under the Palestine Mandate of 1922) to ready the Jewish Homeland for independence under Article 22 of The Covenant of the League of Nations:


Certain communities formerly belonging to the Turkish Empire have reached a stage of development where their existence as independent nations can be provisionally recognized subject to the rendering of administrative advice and assistance by a Mandatory until such time as they are able to stand alone. The wishes of these communities must be a principal consideration in the selection of the Mandatory.”

Instead of performing its duty under Article 22, Great Britain walked out of Palestine leaving the Jews to the mercies of her hostile Arab neighbors. A shameful episode in the generally proud history of the British Empire.

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KaosHiker wrote:

awww Dean You are just trying to confuse people with the truth.

Everyone knows that the Tiny Evil Country of Israel is a dangerous threat to their millions of peaceful arab neighbors, Who want them dead.

Come on get onboard the crazy train with everyone else.

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DeanMJackson wrote:

KaosHiker, are you talking about the truth where the League of Nations created SIX nations for Middle Eastern Arabs (Syria; Iraq; Jordan; Lebanon; Jabal al Druze; and The Alawite State)? Or the truth where Arabs living in 1920 Palestine were telling everyone who would listen that they were SYRIANS and wanted Palestine to be a part of Syria? Are those some of the truths you’re talking about?

People who are ignorant of history talk about a “two-state solution”, forgetting that back in the 1920s the League of Nations already implemented a “seven-state solution”! Six states went to the Arabs of the Middle East, while 1 state went to the Jews.

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Abulafiah wrote:

EvilAxis wrote:
“The idea that the Palestinians have been this homogeneous group that have lived in Israel for thousands of years is laughable and rejected by all known evidence”

Not as laughable as the idea that Israelis have been this homogeneous group that have lived in Israel for thousands of years. You are ignoring inconvenient facts such as Israel not existing since 750BCE, and your so-called ‘Israelis’ living everywhere except in the land they now call Israel.

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Mikecimerian wrote:

Some newspaper headlines were saying that Canada, The US and Israel would go for sanctions in reprisal of Palestinians bid for state recognition.

This question comes to mind. Through which body? Obviously not the UN General Assembly, doubtfully through the Security Council with it’s current members.

Any form of sanction related to yesterday’s vote is contempt of the UN participants vote and an hypocritical and cynical stance.

If sanctions do not run through the General Assembly then countries promoting extra corpus sanctions should be sanctioned themselves for contempt of the UN charter.

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Abulafiah wrote:

DeanMJackson wrote:
“Palestine was created in 1922 as the Jewish Homeland. The British were assigned as the administrative occupying power (under the Palestine Mandate of 1922) to ready the Jewish Homeland for independence under Article 22 of The Covenant of the League of Nations”

Firstly, Palestine was *never* intended to be a Jewish Homeland. That is just Zionist propaganda based on twisting the words of the Balfour Declaration and pretending that the the later clarification never happened.

The British were willing to allow Jews to return to Palestine and make a home there, living under the illusion that Jews would be willing to live in peace with the existing Palestinian population. Instead, they got Jewish terrorist groups (Stern Gang and Lehi group) attacking both Palestinians and British military, and illegal immigration. They responded to that terrorism by handing the whole mess to the international community.

Secondly, leaving aside the fact that the League of Nations folded in 1935, try reading your own quote, and then explain to us all how you imagine that Israel, created by the UN in 1948, was ever one of the ‘communities formerly belonging to the Turkish Empire’…

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DeanMJackson wrote:

Abulafiah an “INDEPENDENT” Jewish Homeland was the LEGAL setup per the “Palestine Mandate” (1922) and Article 24 of “The Covenant of the League of Nations”. Your history is abysmal.

Both the Irgun and and Lehi (commononly called the Stern Gang) were founded after Arab attacks/massacres on Jews in Palestine. The Irgun’s first steps were in the aftermath of the Riots of 1929. The Shaw Commission found that the fundamental cause of the violence “without which in our opinion disturbances either would not occurred or would not have been little more than a local riot, is the Arab feeling of animosity and hostility towards the Jews consequent upon the disappointment of their political and national aspirations and fear for their economic future.”

During the week of riots from 23 to 29 August 133 Jews were killed by Arabs and 339 others were injured, while 110 Arabs were killed by British police and 232 were injured while the British were trying to suppress the riots.

On 24 August 1929 in Hebron, Arab mobs attacked the Jewish quarter killing and raping men, women and children and looting Jewish property. They killed 65-68 Jews and wounded 58, with some of the victims being tortured, or mutilated. Sir John Chancellor, the British High Commissioner visited Hebron and later wrote to his son, “The horror of it is beyond words. In one house I visited not less than twenty-five Jews men and women were murdered in cold blood.” Sir Walter Shaw concluded in The Palestine Disturbances report that “unspeakable atrocities have occurred in Hebron.

So much for Jewish terrorism against the British, which did occur though AFTER World War II when the British were arming Arabs and Arab governments, and confiscating any weapons they found in the possession of Jews.

The League of Nations folded on 20 April 1946, NOT 1935! All treaties and other legal obligations completed by the League of Nations were transferred to the United Nations.

As for the Ottoman Empire, it LOST World War I (remember that?), therefore Turkey lost its colonies abroad, including its colonies in the Middle East.

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Abulafiah wrote:

DeanMJackson wrote:
“Abulafiah an “INDEPENDENT” Jewish Homeland was the LEGAL setup per the “Palestine Mandate” (1922) and Article 24 of “The Covenant of the League of Nations”. Your history is abysmal.”

Here is the text of the Palestine Mandate. As my history is abysmal and you apparently consider yourself the expert, please show me where, in the text, the word “INDEPENDENT” appears. ->

DeanMJackson wrote:
“The League of Nations folded on 20 April 1946, NOT 1935!”

No. That is when it ceased to exist as a legal body. It folded, as in became useless, in 1935. I thought you were an expert on history?

The date of 1935 is chosen because that is when membership went into decline, and that is when it was becoming obvious that the League was failing in its primary purpose of preventing war. A few years later, in 1939, the Palace of Nations was abandoned and the League was effectively just a name. In 1943, plans for the UN to re;lace the League began.

DeanMJackson wrote:
“As for the Ottoman Empire, it LOST World War I (remember that?), therefore Turkey lost its colonies abroad, including its colonies in the Middle East.”

So you can’t explain how Israel is one of the “communities formerly belonging to the Turkish Empire ” from your own quote. That attempt of yours to revise history obviously failed.

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