UK's Blair says EU exit would be "monumental error"

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keenasmustard wrote:

nobody is interested in the uk as to what blair has to say he is a spent force and should just keep his mouth shut nobody cares.

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DeanMJackson wrote:

The caption reads, “UK’s Blair says EU exit would be “monumental error”‘

Blair is right, however German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her European Central Bank flunkies are doing everything they can, via atrocious austerity cuts, to unravel the EU. Why? Because when the EU goes into the history books so goes NATO, and Angela Merkel’s “comrades” in Moscow (USSR) wants NATO finished. Yes, Angela Merkel is a Communist agent doing the bidding of her allies in Moscow. Now you know why the “electorates” of the 15 republics that made up the USSR are inexplicably only electing for their respective Presidents Soviet era Communist Party Quislings. As if! Those Quislings would have been immediately arrested in the interests of national security if the “collapse” of the USSR (and East Bloc nations) had been real.

Ladies and gentlemen, if Merkel and Company didn’t want even talk of a EU breakup, then there would be no austerity programs, their would be growth programs where interest rates are raised. You see, people will restrict present consumption for the greater future consumption that real private investment offers IF interest rates are high, and those higher interest rates spell greater expected profits from investment. With low interest rates, naturally no one is saving nor investing. Of course, you know that. I know it, and all economists know it, which means austerity programs aren’t meant to revive an economy, they are meant to keep an economy depressed. Remember how great IMF austerity programs worked in Africa back in the good old 1960s and 1970s? They worked all right…they worked to keep Africa poor and non-competitive with the West!

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scythe wrote:

(quote) atavistic little Englanders

the ukip mentality will benefit the 2014 vote for
an independent scotland

and an end to free university education in continental europe for uk students (becoming foreigners …)

austerity is the medicine for close-to-bankrupt governments

and a weapon of choice in tory class war
against its citizen-servants in ye olde squirearchy

(quote, Telegraph) Whenever the old squire spots walkers entering his fields, he shouts to his wife: “Look out! Scum approaching.”

not much to complain about then

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apeman2501 wrote:

Of one thing there is no debate. Like Israel, Britain produces little beyond debt with the Rothschild’s central bank.

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