Four sue over deadly Texas train collision with veterans parade

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jaroca wrote:

Way to go……

take one tragedy, add a large corporation, mix in lawyers and greedy, stupid, misguided victims…….

voila….courts tied up for years.

I am no fan of big corporations but what I can determine from news sources of varying kinds is that the railroad did NOTHING wrong.

Why should they or their employees be held hostage by the ignorance of one driver?

Maybe also go after parade organizers for not finding a route away from potential danger.

Did anyone even call the railroad to find out the train schedules at this crossing?

Did they warm the railroad about large crowds near their right of way?

Did they post a guard for the parade here as an added precaution against the noise and distractions created by such a spectacle?

Can the judge not determine that there is no merit in the arguement against UP. (The train was found to be under the legal speed limit, it’s brakes and warning devices were in operational order, the crossing is and was used without problems prior to this incident.)

No wonder lawyers are held in such low esteem. They’ll take on anything for someone else’s dollar. They seem unable to say no and walk away.

The blame here appears to be with a single driver and parade organizers.

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