Shifting account of CIA's Libya talking points fuels Rice controversy

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Bob9999 wrote:

If “al Qaeda” was deleted for the reason that “al Qaeda” was not involved, then what is the problem? The term “al Qaeda” is a loaded-but-ambiguous term in U.S. politics, potentially referring to any militant Islamist group hostile to U.S. interests. On a more precise level, however, the use of “al Qaeda” might be restricted to a specific militant Islamist group hostile to U.S. interests, which has Ayman al-Zawahiri as its nominal leader. If the militant Islamist group, hostile to U.S. interests, which perpetrated the attack on the U.S. diplomatic facility in Benghazi did not belong to “al Qaeda” in the less ambiguous, narrower sense, then it may have been appropriate not to describe the Benghazi attackers as “al Qaeda.” Precision is useful for maintaining a clear head, and it is not helpful to America to turn the Benghazi attack into an emotional political issue. Every time the United States has responded emotionally to militant Islamists, we have made mistakes. (Remember weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? That bill of goods was sold to U.S. neoconservatives by people based in Iran. Coincidentally, Iran’s program to develop weapons of mass destruction is the biggest beneficiary of the fiasco that was the War in Iraq.) Let’s keep a level head.

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USAPragmatist wrote:

@Bob9999, to quote you ‘let’s keep a level head.’ I agree completely, the problem is many of the rightie/Obama haters do not know how to do this. This also includes Sens. McCain and Graham (and others) who are simply doing this for political gain in other areas, like blocking what they perceive as Obama’s choices for certain positions.

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stambo2001 wrote:

@usapragmatist you are awful quiet about Rice doing the very same thing in Benghazi as she did in Rwanda. Are the africans that remember the genocide she watched over all racist republicans? Susan Rice is a liar of the worst kind. You look completely foolish defending her when anyone can look up what happened, and what she did and did not do. She is the worst kind of immoral, lying political hacks. Completely, utterly, 110% not worthy of the position of Secretary of the United States…which of course ensures barry will nominate her. You OWN her history.

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Rush2009 wrote:

Obama haters will always hate him.

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stambo2001 wrote:

The more you look into Susan Rice the ickier she becomes. Her daddy was a governor of the Federal Reserve. You can’t make this up. Her mommy? Oh, her mommy was responsible for education policy in the usa. Yup, the failed education policy of america was her mommy’s doing. This is for real.

A second generation political hack. Same old, same old in Washington. Generation after generation of the very same families enriching themselves on the backs of the poor, poor ignorant dirty masses. Barry isn’t changing anything, he’s reinforcing the very culture he swore to dismantle. No surprise here. You lefties own this patronage appointment, which is all this would be.

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flashrooster wrote:

Face it, stambo2001, the real reason you are so opposed to seeing Susan Rice become Sec. of State is because she is African American and female. The rest is complete fabrication. You just hate seeing minorities in positions of power. That’s why you support a party that appoints only white males as committee chairmen in Congress. The good news is that people like you are forcing their party into irrelevance.

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ConstFundie wrote:

@Alpha_Bogger, Maybe because the CIA is a politicized tangle-ball like the rest of our Government, and having no crystal ball nor Papal infallibility, the Commander-in-Chief and Staff rely largely on the CIA for providing and accessing intelligence?

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ConstFundie wrote:

@Stambo2001, What’s with the over-the-top blaming of now every failing of the national banking system and the entire National education system on Rice’s parents. Really, Rice’s parents messed it all up in 1970-sh?! And all the kings horses and Ronald Reagan couldn’t put it back together again? Why didn’t anyone realize this tragedy and epiphany for the last 40 years?

Turn off the Murdoch brain-wash and wind-you-up show and the fog and obfuscation will lift. I’ve been there.

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jaham wrote:

I sure hope doesn’t get impeached over this; there’s only one thing worse than a plan-less Obama in office and that would be Joe “don’t call me Mr. Ed” Biden at the helm….

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todnwth wrote:

All McCain, Graham, Ayotte want to do is discredit Obama and Susan Rice because they want to keep Rice from being appointed to be the secretary of state so they think that if they can stop Rice, Obama will appoint Kerry and that will give them a chance for Brown to get elected as senator.
Graham cannot do anything but support McCain anyway and claims to be knowledgeable about a number of things he knows nothing about.

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stambo2001 wrote:

@constfundie It was leftie sources that were bragging about the parents of Susan Rice, not I. Merely I stated that her father was a governor of the Federal Reserve. Again, this is fact. Her mother is touted as being an architect of american education policy. She IS an education policy specialist with the Brookings Institution. If it’s over-hyped take it up with The Times, not me. Madeline Albright, friends of Rice’s parents, took her under her wing. The rest is political patronage history.

So now that I’ve addressed your strawman, care to dis-prove anything I’ve stated?

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sylvan wrote:

Maybe McCain is too addled to know the election is over; but likely he is still just mad about losing four years ago, and the elections just reminded him of his loss and diminished stature. He sure acts like he thinks the choice of Secretary of State and CIA Director belong to him, the Senator from AZ. GOP Senators are the most impotent people in government right now, since at least Boehner has the majority in the House. I guess that is why McCain and Graham have to throw their public tantrums, making agencies track down memos because they are looking to discriminate against Susan Rice, who only read the approved talking points, and these two gray faced bigots know that.

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lolcoolj wrote:

What ever happened to the AfriComm Commander Gen. Ham? I read he was pulled off Africomm for disobeying an order to stand down on sending help in response to the consulate attack (from CIA), and then the head of the CIA gets outed on a sex scandal when people notice? It’s always sex, drugs, or kids that are used to shut people up. The bottom line is that SPIES are the people in consulate offices anyway. Spies lying about spies? Imagine that. The entire middle-east knows that Al-Queda is a CIA asset at this point, anyway. Read up on where the muslim brotherhood actually originated and you will get a much clearer picture of the US’ role in the middle-east…Or just keep pointing at puppets instead of their strings.

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flashrooster wrote:

Jaham: If the Republicans were to try to impeach Obama over this after we just reelected him, it would be the final nail in the Republican coffin. Americans are already sick and tired of the Republican Party’s unwillingness to govern and their obsession with trying to undermine this President. We have serious issues that have to be dealt with. Benghazi is not an issue. Susan Rice went public with the information given to her by the intelligence community. Period. Her only two other options were to say nothing or to give classified information. The Obama Administration understands that they have a responsibility to keep the public informed. They also have an obligation not to share classified information with the public. So they did the right thing, the same way it had been done a millions times before. When they got more information, they went public with that, too. This has nothing to do with right or wrong. It’s simply the Republicans trying, and yet again, to destroy this President’s Presidency, just like they tried to do with Clinton, and just like they will try with the next Democratic President. They will keep playing these anti-American political games until they can no longer get elected. They lost the Presidency, they lost seats in the Senate, and at last count they lost 9 seats in the House. See a trend?

This is beyond hypocrisy coming on the heels of the Bush Administration who took us to war, not only on bad intelligence, but on “information” that was proven to be false BEFORE Bush went public with it. We conducted an entire war based on lies and faulty intelligence. This Benghazi incident was simply a case of reporting the latest information that the intelligence had cleared, and was later found to be incorrect, which was then corrected. There were no consequences. No wars were fought. 4,500 US soldiers did not have to sacrifice their lives. It did not cost tax payers a trillion dollars. Don’t think the hypocrisy would not go unnoticed by the public if the GOP was stupid enough to try to impeach Obama over this. Grow up and start thinking about your country for a change instead of endlessly whining over losing the election. The American people have spoken. Deal with it like a man.

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