Insight: France's love affair with nuclear energy cools

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llouest wrote:

A major incentive for France to develop nuclear power was the perception that oil supply was unreliable and potentially costly, under the control of an oligopoly of foreign producers. By developping nuclear power, President de Gaulle, his ministers and energy specialists wanted to ensure a reasonable degree of energy self supply for France.

Now, compared to 50 years’ ago, the major change is the much greater awareness of environmental risks and costs, especially those related to the long dismantling process of old power plants and the very long term underground storage of spent nuclear fuels.

But it is likely that engineers, including French ones, will progressively find ways to reduce the environmental risks of nuclear power plants, and to improve the recycling of spent fuels. So, the outlook for the nuclear power industry is not necessarily negative, and we could see some new positive developments in the future.

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SteveK9 wrote:

Because of nuclear power they have the cheapest electricity and the cleanest air in Europe. What’s not to like? The power of the continued hysterical response to Fukushima (which actually showed that even old poorly designed plants can weather a colossal earthquake and tsunami without killing or harming anyones health), and anti-nuke propaganda.

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