Syrian rebel films himself shooting 10 prisoners

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be careful, be very careful what you wish for. now, do you really want to recognize these killers as the legal government of syria? this has happened several times over the months. can you only imagine what ethnic cleasning will take place once these killers are recognized as the legal government? well, can you?

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It seems both your reasoning faculties and your shift key are broken. Of course we can imagine what ethnic cleansing looks like. Except we don’t have to. It would look something like the early days of this civil war. Which has already happened. You cannot assume the actions of one foot soldier represent the moral baseline of a rebel-built governing authority. Especially in war – monsters of men and all that.

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Xenu wrote:

Assad is not beyond executing rebel forces by dressing up his executioner as a Syrian rebel and then blaming the killings on his enemies. Note: Assad cut off Syrian Internet and phone access, and now magically these YouTube videos defaming the rebels start appearing?

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BraveNewWrld wrote:

Xenu wrote:
>Assad is not beyond executing rebel forces by dressing up his executioner as a Syrian rebel
You have such a rich fantasy… This one was not the first youtube video of rebels committing atrocities – killing people in many different ways, mutilating people by cutting limbs, blowing people up, and bragging about all this. I have not heard of similar videos showing atrocities by Syrian Arab Army (aka “Assad forces”). It would also be very educvating if reuters or somebody would report how many of 40000 casualties are the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and police, and how many of them are sunnis, shia, christians, druses, alawis. I understand that SAA relies on draft – it has young men from all groups of Syrian society.

Nov 30, 2012 9:21pm EST  --  Report as abuse
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